360 Arcade question

According to the MS website, the arcade cannot play xbox games. I have heard that this is strictly due to the fact that it has no hard drive…so it would seem to me that if you attach the external drive that it would play regular xbox games?

I am assuming that the Arcade version is exactly the same as the regular version just missing the hard drive.


Pretty much. But given the price of the xbox hard drive, it saves you no money to buy the arcade and upgrade, deals notwithstanding.

Ok, cool ty…yeah it is actually like 30 bucks cheaper to buy it with the drive in already…


Don’t forget you also get a component cable with the models that include a harddrive.
That’s in addition to any HDMI cable which all new models have.

Indeed. The Arcade is only good for people who never plan to go online (or, to a lesser degree, play old Xbox games through BC).

Wait, MS removed BC from their bargain SKU and no one cares? Didn’t Sony take a lot of shit for the same thing? Just goes to show you… PS2 games are the best!

Can’t remove something it never had. You can still add a harddrive to get BC.
Not that I’d ever recommend a diskless 360 to anyone.

Ok but quantifying my original question, the Arcade version is exactly the same as the regular version just missing a hard drive correct? And subsequently adding a hard drive will make it um, a “normal” xbox correct?

AFAIK, yes. They have the HDMI port now I know that.

True, just remember that besides the hardware, the Arcade and the other SKUs are bundled differently.

Arcade: composite cables, 256MB memory card, 5 free XBLA games
Pro: component cables, Forza 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Hexic
Halo: component cables, Play&Charge kit, Hexic
Elite: component cables, HDMI cable, Hexic

Not sure if the Elite SKU comes with Forza 2 and Marvel:UA.

Do all the SKUs with hard drives come with an episode of Justice League Unlimited on the hard drive?

Only in America, if so.

Man did I get screwed… all I got was some semi-documentary about making Titanic with Cameron. :(

Ok thanks all for the clarifications too.