360 controller flakey on Windows7

So my 360 controller was working perfectly on Windows7 for me (for months) but now it’s being weird suddenly. I’ll start playing a game and everything will be fine for a few minutes and then the controller goes dead. No discernible reason that I can detect.

Either all the lights come on and it vibrates endlessly, or it just simply stops responding.

Like, I try to play Batman and I go through 2 challenges just fine … I continue the story, it’s good for about 2 minutes and then blah.

Anyone have any experience with this? I’ve tried changing USB ports, removing and reinstalling the device … I don’t get it.

Since you already changed USB ports I would say it’s a dying controller. Did you try it on a 360?

No, not yet, but that’s a good idea. It’s a new controller but that doesn’t mean it isn’t borfed in some way. Maybe I’ll grab another one that I know works and try it…