360 controller suffers Wii like injury

My foster son just got mad at Marvel Ultimate Allance and threw one of my wireless 360 controllers “hulk smash” hard. (glad he missed the plasma tv) It looks undamaged but the controller will not turn back on. I swapped in fresh batteries but that didn’t help. Any ideas on fixing this?

Is it still under warranty? If it looks undamaged, I know what I’d do…

Suspend his gaming privileges for a month or two.

Yeah, I’d say your bigger problem is the behavior of your foster son. To set things right, I’d let the 360 controller throw him just once.

Bring him into papa’s study for some Moral Orel style lesson learnin.

Is it too late to return the son?

Would a really really really late term abortion still fly? - Stephen Lynch

Have him buy you a new one from Best Buy or something.

edit: Hmm, just remembered that he’s only 6. Buy yourself a new one.

Put his ass to work in a salt mine to buy a new controller.

use him as bait on the next dateline NBC “To catch a predator”

At the very least, no video games for a very, very long time.

If he’s six, give him a hug and forget it.

If he’s seven, beat the shit out of him.

A new kid?

Yeah. Best idea would be to show him how to beat the part he screwed up on, tell him its okay, but NEVER DO IT AGAIN.

Thats how I take care of my little bro’s 360 game screw-ups.

Controller-throwing would be severely punished in my house. At least a week or two with no games, with replacement of any damaged stuff out of the boy’s savings.

I actually lost my grip on a Wiimote yesterday. I was doing one of the training exercises in bowling and trying to put a lot of spin on the ball. The wiimote has a sleeve on it. My hands weren’t particularly moist. Thank goodness I’ve got one of the new straps on it.

He owes you $50. However he gets spending dough, it’s gone until you get a new controller.

edit: ah. 6. Well, tell him that’s HIS controller now, and thats the one he can use to play. You are out $50 now though.

Well, my 1 year old dunked a gamecube controller into a cup of coffee. Still works except for the Z button- so all is good for LEGO star wars.

throwing things- my son 4 went through this with the remotes. when his broke (the cable remote-mine is the tivo remote) life sucked for him since he had one button on that one he needed to know- the favorites button.
“dad can i watch something”
“It’s on sports”
“change the channel”
“I can’t”
“Sucks to be you- guess you shouldn’t have thrown the remote huh?”
took him a week to master the tivo remote. He hasn’t thrown a thing since.

Are you using batteries or the little charger packs? Have you pressed the little reset button on the front of the controller?