360 Elite - am I screwed?

Okay, got a 360 Elite. Probably right at a year old. Worked great last night. Now, when I put a game in, any game, I get an “unplayable disc” message. Anything I can do to fix this? I already sent one regular 360 back when it RROD’d. Is this one broken??

Maybe the drive head is dirty? Are there cleaner thingies for it available?

Get zee coffin. Sorry.

There is something fishy going on with unreadable discs in the last couple of days. You are #3 that has reported this in the last couple of days. Has there been a system update? Can this be software related?

Got this w/ NHL 09. Cleaned the system cache. Seemed to work for me, although this is a known issue for NHL 09.

I don’t have NHL 09. I’m just letting it sit for a few hours unplugged. No idea what in the heck I expect that to do, but I’m kind of idealistic that way.

How do you clean the system cache (in case I need to do something like that in the future)?

Clearing the 360 cache.

Coincidence, I suspect. 360 drives break a lot, particularly on refurbs. At least two of mine (maybe three) died from drive issues, and the current one will occasionally get flaky. My hope is that the “install to hard drive” thing will help extend its life.

Tried this, it didn’t do anything. I know others have had this worse, but this is the second 360 I’ve had go tits up. First was a launch day unit and now this one, an Elite. I swear, I am seriouslt thinking of getting a PS3 except for all the cash I’ve plowed into XBL games. Guess it’s Microsoft tech support tomorrow. I’m already giddy with excitement!

Is it a good sign that when I repositioned my 360 from vertical to horizontal, I could hear something rattling around inside?

Disclaimer: This isn’t shitstirring as I don’t have a horse in this race.

Has anyone had an issue with the PS3’s Blu Ray drive? I would honestly expect the new technology to be a lot more unreliable than DVD technology that has been around since forever.

That’s normal, nothing to worry about.

Haven’t heard of any troubles with BD drives, either in the PS3 or in other players. Standalone players have had issues, mostly related to startup time and script execution, but not the drives themselves.

Come to think of it, I don’t recall any troubles with early CD or DVD drives either. They are/were very expensive but generally solid. The crap drives like in the 360 show up later, when prices come down and manufacturers start cutting corners in response to the increased price pressure.

Well, to be fair both the PS1 and PS2 drives were pretty unreliable in early revisions. I rememberturning my PS1 upside down to get it to play, and the infamous DRE’s…

Good point, I never had a PS1 or an early PS2 but their drives were notoriously unreliable, too.

Maybe we will see a little more Blu Ray unreliability once PS3’s get a little bit older.

Friend of mine had his PS3 drive fail. He had to send it in. Still waiting for it after 4 weeks.

Amusingly, I still remember last year when I dragged out my PS2 to play the new God of War. It was covered in dust and years of neglect. It started right up, loaded the game, and I played it all the way through with only 1 lock up. I was amazed.

My Xbox 360 drive packed in just after starting the GTA4 mission ‘Final Destination’.

The irony did not amuse me.