360 friends list spoilers

One of the things I hate about some games’ online status descriptions is that they can spoil games.

For instance, I was just online and saw some people playing Splinter Cell. I wondered if they were playing online, so I checked one of the profiles. What the description said was both the single player location and the mission goal of what must be the final level of the game.

Maybe I’m just being anal, but that really sucks.

Never checks his friends list anymore >_>

Really? Thats really really shitty…

Is there an enemies list function?

Yeah, this is definitely one of those situations where they were in such a hurry to show you as much information about what you friends were doing that they never stopped to think if maybe that’s not such a good thing to do all the time.

…and yes, my 360 is back. I see you foos still haven’t knocked off my (now pretty damn average) Geometry Wars score.

Aw, man, if it’s the accomplishment I’m thinking of, that sucks. I remember unlocking that and assuming it would still show up as ‘secret’ for anyone who hasn’t done it yet. :(


It wasn’t an achievement. It was the location and mission of what they were currently doing in the game. Needless to say, it was descriptive enough that now I know exactly where the game is going and how it will end.