360 Live Gamertags

I know there’s a thread for regular Live gamertags, but didn’t see one for the 360. Mine’s YankeeFan4444. Just let me know you’re from QT3 and all friend invites accepted.

Oh, YOU’RE YankeeFan4444. I was going to delete you in anticipation of migrating to 360 Live. :)

I’m still MonkeyBunker.

[size=2]edit for which live and gamercard[/size]

Imaginatively, I’m DennyA.

Menzo1337 here


Edited to add gamercard.

Edited again to make card clicky.


I got the tag, just not the box ;-)

my 360 live tag is same as before O R A C L E Still playing a little Halo 2, and got Perfect Dark Zero if anyone see’s me on, we’ll play a few rounds

I’m still Capt Donut.

Mine is still the same and it was a nice surprise seeing some folks out there.

Hm, well, not sure if that worked. “Xemu” is still my gamertag. :)

Edit: hey that mygamercard.net thing is kinda cool :)
Edit2: now with newfangled “hyperlink” technology!

Sorry, double post

Sorry, triple post

You got the internal server error, didn’t you. I hope so.

I got it when posting in this thread and again in the NFS:MW thread, but since they’re changing forum software soon I don’t think they need any more bug reports.

Damn. That is an impressive list of games played.

A couple of guys according to mygamercard.net broke 10,000 gamerscore!

didn’t think about linking these things, let’s try again:

How did you guys make yours interactive as opposed to just the jpeg?