360 local multiplayer game search

Hey guys,

Its seems that most 360 devs focus on online multiplayer now. Besides perfect dark zero (great game), are there any fps 360 games that feature 4 player local multiplayer in addition to bots to fight against? COD4 breaks my heart because its so close but is missing the bots. Any suggestions?

Pretty sure Unreal 3 has bots.

yeah, but only 2 player local :(

well…guess I’m stumped, sorry. Mabye you need fewer friends ;)

yeah…but thats no fun. As an aside, one of our favorite ways to play the original Perfect Dark, was to match the four of us against a couple perfect sims, and see how long we could survive. On the Area 51 level, it usually involved camping in that lone room in the donut shaped area and just blasting away at the sims as they came through the door. Ah, good times…

Not many.


I am also looking for 4 player local gaming for the 360. Sports games are obvious, I also got Castle Crashers…anything else?

Perfect Dark Zero.

Gauntlet loosely qualifies.

Not an FPS, but I heartily recommend Halo Wars. Although the controls are clunky compared to mouse/keyboard, they are manageable.

I’m not necessarily looking for a FPS, just local 4 player games.

I’m looking into Gauntlet, looks promising kind of. Halo Wars isn’t 4 player local.

Besides Rock Band, this area is really lacking huh?

Zombie Apocolypse (robotron like shooter) in XLBA.

Honestly, if you’re not enjoying Gauntlet with four players, you might as well give up on games.