360 on-screen keyboard layout setting?

Man, I hate to clog Qt3 up with such a stupid question, but… Where do I change the 360 on-screen keyboard layout setting from alpha to qwerty? Was that removed with the change to the new dashboard or something? Didn’t see it anywhere (including the guide) – though I haven’t run back through initial setup yet.

Awww, you’ve got to be kidding me – it’s under Language, “English (QWERTY Keyboard)”. Really?! I guess it makes a bit of sense but… c’mon!

But that has me wondering – do other languages have the equivalent of the QWERTY except using their most common letters instead? Does any other language actually use QWERTY?

Edit: Turns out many do, so it’d seem that they’d be best off just making it a setting independent of the language.

Is this the thread where you ask questions, then answer them yourself?

Yes, it is.

At least he answered it instead of saying Nevermind, I figured it out.