360 owners- I R NUB

So, what little details / tips / neato stuff do you know now that you wish you knew when you first got the system? Mine just shipped, so I figured I’d pick your brains while biting my nails that it arrives ok and isnt a glitchy one :D

If you start up an MP3 playlist it automatically turns off the in game music - no need to turn it off manually.

Think very, very carefully about what you want your user id (gamertag) to be – MS will charge you $10 to change it…

I can’t even find where to change the gamertag. Can it only be done on the console?

I thought you had to call them.

Don’t know if it can be done outside of the console. Using the console, you select your gamercard on the far left screen, and it’s somewhere in those menus. They’ll charge you 800 points (i.e. $10).

Ugh… how many posts do I need to no longer be a “Bad Girl”…

Just out of curiosity, mainly, as I have no real intention to buy an Xbox 360 anytime soon, if you already have an Xbox Live account with the old Xbox, does that transfer to the Xbox 360, or do you need to open a separate, different account?


You can even see people in your friends list when they’re on their regular Xboxes and make fun of them for not having a 360.

Install this app on your XP system so you can stream MP3’s to your 360


I have a question:

How do I set it so that I can hear voice chat through my headphones only? That is, I hear nothing when my headset is not plugged in, but I hear voice when it is plugged it.

Under personal preferences(?) I have Voice set to Headphones (as opposed to Speakers or Both). But if I don’t have the headphones plugged in, I can still hear the chat through my speakers. So then I have to go and turn the voice volume down to 0. Then when I want to hear voices again (or talk), I have to turn the volume back up.

Can’t you set it so that you only hear the voices when you plug your headphones in? Makes logical sense to me but I can’t seem to set it that way.

If you are using HD, make sure that you select HDTV on a switch on the component cable itself as well as in the dashboard. Very easy thing to miss.

The entity can change your rank for a mere 528 points. Gather points by mocking the word “fun” in game reviews.

Ok, good tip on the name, my old gamertag I canceled, so that name is gone, so I’m going with Fulci Zombi, which I can live with forever.


Thanks for the other info as well.

All saves, achievements, and purchased content are tied to your profile. So make sure you create and sign in to your profile before doing anything, and never ever change it.

Tired of looking like a n00b or parent who doesn’t have much time to play games?

NBA Baskeball 06 can add hundreds of points to your gamerscore without you having to play a single real game. Just simulate a few seasons. :)

That’s not quite true - Purchased content is tied to your profile AND the 360 you purchase it on. If you buy Bankshot Billiards on Profile A on 360 #1, everybody that uses 360 #1 can play Bankshot Billiards. If you then take Profile A and sign into 360 #2, you and all your friends can play it as long as you’re signed into Live on Profile A - as soon as you sign out, you can no longer play though.

If you want full access to Bankshot Billiards on 360 #1 and #2 no matter what profile is signed in, you will need to purchase it on each 360 with different Live Accounts.

You can fast forward through an mp3 playlist from the media remote control, even in game. Yes. In-game.

I love that little touch.

Careful with streaming music from your PC with that app. If your 360 is connected to a computer through Media Connect, you’ll get framerate drops in games. Even if you’re not actively streaming music.

It’s very noticable in Marble Blast Ultra and Need For Speed : Most Wanted. Most likely other games as well.

Ridge Racer 6 is totally busted in online play even if you just have your PC connected to your 360. So avoid doing that if you play RR6. (Not that anyone on Qt3 would ever play a pure arcade game like that… ;)