360 owners- I R NUB

Weird. Never had this problem, and I have both of those games.

Can the feature be turned off when you’re not using it? Maybe by shutting down that service on the PC?

Yeah, it’s easy enough to turn it off on the PC side.

Really… you may just think they run badly in the first place.

Do this: through the 360 control panel, remove the media connect PC entirely. Then boot up marble blast. Roll around in a level, flip the camera around a while. Then re-enable the media connected PC through the control panel and try Marble Blast again.

See those little hitches in framerate?

Yeah, I’ve never noticed that problem either. NFS:MW and Marble Blast are both very smooth for me.

WTF? that is sad as hell. Anyone get lockups? I think I’d return it before the super short warranty runs out if I got even one, so heres hoping I get none…

Also- while I’m rolling around in the smell of possible buyers remorse: Is it true that when you are downloading something you cant do anything else on the machine at all? That can’t be right, right? It’s just gamefaqs people being morons, right?


Until they fix it, that sadly remains true.

Also- Is this issue with all custom soundtracks or just with actually streaming shit? because I have no problem throwing 4 gigs of mp3s on something usb enabled and plugging it in permanently to avoid frame rate loss. The whole point of the 360 purchase for me was to avoid eprformance concerns and just play.

These people must have network configuration problems. Wonder if they’re using 802.11g wireless or something? I’ve had no issues with performance even when streaming music, but I have a wired connection.

The “no background download” thing is true, though. Hopefully that will be fixed. I can understand not allowing a game to launch while a download is happening, but at least let me use the dashboard…

If you directly connect a USB device to the 360 and stream music from it, you don’t get the framerate problems. Or if the music is directly on the hard drive… no slowdown.

Also, I’m directly wired to my LinkSys router, and it’s configured fine. Everything on my home network runs smooth as butter.

Give it a try with the marble blast example above. I’m pretty sure you’ll see the stutter. The thing is, it’s still definately playable with the Media Connect stuff on, it’s just noticeably smoother with all computers disconnected.

I too have no problems. My xbox goes into a hub which feeds into a wireless access point (802.11g).

I will pipe in with no problems here either. Hooked up directly to the router.

I just want to make sure you did the Marble Blast test. It’s the easiest to tell in, plus anyone can grab the demo for free.