360 owners that still have the original?

I was wondering how many 360 owners still had their original Xbox’s hooked up? I hooked mine up so I can still play NFL 2K5 with my buds.

No polliung when drkunk, k

Owbers Than! Nice to meet ya, Owbers Than!

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Okay okay, I fixed it. And my fists usually work just fine… ;)

My oeiginal Xbox is still hooked up because I like to play games on the oeiginal xbox.

You really haven’t. Look at it again.


Might want to make yet another pass…

boy, the spelling police are out in full force today! ;)

That’s why I always needed an editor when I worked at CGM.

Heh. 6th time is a charm.

I’m actually kind of pissed I have to have my Xbox out when I have a 360. I wanted to play PoP: The Two Thrones on the 360, and I can’t. So I had to find space to hook up the xbox too.

I’ve got two. If anyone’s looking for a modded one, PM me.


Yeah, i’ve it out and hooked up too. Gotta get my Gaiden fix somehow.

Also i’ve noticed that some DVD’s play very badly on the 360. And those same DVD’s play fine on the original - and that’s a Day 1 original DVD drive equipped XBox. It’s a pain in the ass really.

Sure do and still love it! [size=1]For XBMC.[/size]

I haven’t even tried running a DVD off of the 360. Anyone else have a problem with it?

Still have mine hooked up. The Backwards Compatiblity on 360 is pretty poor overall so I have my 360 sitting directly on top of the the original Xbox.

All those edits and you couldn’t manage to add a SHIT BONERZ?

Would never get rid of it unless a suitable replacement for XBMC emerged.

Actually, I may qualify my earlier statement. I’ve only noticed the problem with DVDs that are poor(ish) quality… and, no, I don’t mean pirate DVDs.

I played one recently in which the publisher kindly squeezed a few hours worth of stuff onto one disc, and just dialed down the quality of the visuals to make it all fit (or so it seems). On the 360, any on-screen movement is jerky, like it’s skipping frames all over the place and is generally unwatchable. On the original Xbox it’s perfectly smooth, just like you’d expect, although the visual quality in places is rubbish.

It’s still a pain in the ass though. I still have that DVD, so I may try it out on a friend’s 360 to see if that suffers the same problem.

Does anyone know if there is some kind of switch to hookup multiple component video inputs? I want to keep my Xbox connected but I have only 2 inputs on the TV and 4 devices (360, ps2, HD cable box, xbox) all of which use component cable.