360 Platinum Collection?

Is MS planning to do anything like the platinum collection for 360 games?

I think that’s a given. But it hasn’t been year one yet. Wasn’t the platinum collection introduced after a year?

Was it a year? I thought it came sooner than that. Could of swore I was picking up Platinum games the summer after launch.

I don’t think anything has cracked a million yet, last I checked cod2 was close so it may have by now or will, we’ll probably see it this winter.

They just announced a ‘greatest hits’ range for Europe - Kameo & Perfect Dark Zero are the first titles, now available at 30 euros.

The early MS titles have already had price drops in the US to $30 as far as I can tell, certainly that’s what they’re sold at new in the likes of EBGames.

Yeah, I picked up Kameo for $30 the other day.

$30 is reasonable. $60 is laughable - for most titles, anyway.

Heck I even think $50 is reasonable. But yeah, $60 is a joke. I’ll not be buying to many new games at that price.

MS Europe must have a very different interpretation of ‘greatest’ than I do…