360 R6: Vegas for $39.99

Game Crazy has it until the 30th. There were a few other games on sale too, but they didn’t jump out at me like Vegas.

Also on sale for the same price next week (12/31 - 1/06) at Best Buy and Circuit City.

Edit: How is the in-game advertising working out at the moment? Discussion in another thread suggested some ads were changed or added after release. Something in the dam level, I think. Is it a bother to anyone?

Best Buy? SNAP!


Well I’ll be damned I never heard of Game Crazy until now. Looks like I got 2 of them near me so I’m in luck.

best buy also? RIGHTEOUS

now that’s a sale price that I can get behind (if I hadn’t already bought the game for $100)

Game Crazy stores are pretty decent. You can actually try out a lot of games in the store. They also have reasonable used prices and do some ok sale and discount pricing. They also have Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Used games right now.

I had their MVP card for awhile and it definitely saved me a few bux. They also tend to give slightly better credit for trade-ins than EB/Gamestop.