360 voice - are there really xbox 360 owners who don't use this?

it’s nice to be able to track my achievements and when I got them.

from the other thread:

for example: http://www.360voice.com/tag/rjcc

it takes your achievements and parses them into a blog from your 360.

it’s in my rss feed so basically I get daily updates from my 360 bitching about why I don’t spend time with it and how emotionally distant we’ve become.

Heh, I gained some points at work playing offline, and the 360 blogged about it like I had been cheating on it.

It’s a great little gimmick. I’ve been signed up on it for pretty much its entire existence.


I’ve been using the service since whenever:

It’s not terribly exciting right now, as I’ve not been well lately :(

I’m the guy who never uses it. But I also couldn’t care less about achievements so I’m weird that way.

I thought the thread was about using voice in games… which I never do.

Even when it’s as easy as on the 360 my headsets collect dust in a cupboard.

I always thought the idea was kind of neat, but now that I’ve actually read one of the blogs, I think I’ll pass. Keldroc’s 360 looks like it might speak english as a second language.

Reading the blog of someone who hasn’t played their 360 for a few days is pretty amusing, though.

I posted about this back in may of last year, but the thread seems to have been archived as I can’t find it, even using google site search.

Anyway, here’s mine: http://www.360voice.com/tag/monkeybunker