360 winning the exclusives race

360 0wnz j00.

Xbox 360 (84 [+4])
PlayStation 3 (40 [+1])
Wii (63 [+10])
Brackets are updates since the last time they made their list.

The Wii sure is coming on strong though, Jesus Christ.

Pretty nice reading those lists. Me likey my 360. Now all I need is a month off work to finish my goddamned hacking project, then I might be able to PLAY it again. Unfortunately that will not happen, and we’re expecting a baby in late summer. Buh-bye 2007! C U l8r!

Depending on what you’re comparing, it might be better to compare the unreleased exclusive numbers, so that the 1-year lead time for the 360 doesn’t have as much effect. In that case, it’s 360 48, PS3 32, Wii 47. I’d say that for consumer perception, the total exclusive numbers are more useful, but developer support is better measured by the number of exclusive projects in development right now.

To be honest, I expected the X360 to have more of a lead, because it’s a more conventional console, and it beats the pants off the PS3 for development, but the Wii is going to have all the Nintendo exclusives, and the stuff which just can’t be done on the other two, so I can see why it’s catching up.

Wouldn’t that be wrong? I mean, by that account you’re not counting a game like Gears of War (which is a game that still matters I think) …

Counting exclusive games from one console that’s been out for 18 months versus two consoles that have been out for six is misleading. I wonder how many of those 360 exclusives were announced six months into the console’s life.

Those also don’t take into account the fact that some of those 360 games might be console exclusives but not overall exclusives; Battle for Middle-Earth II, Command & Conquer 3, Two Worlds, Call of Duty 2, Quake 4, Age of Conan, Alan Wake, and many others are on or slated to come to the PC. They’re not taking that into account here, but it’s always struck me as a weird thing to ignore.

True, but counting none of the prior exclusives would be equally misleading. After all, these are exclusive games that can be bought now.

The 360 launched in November 2005 here in the States. We’ll call November 2005-March 2007 as our period of time, 17 months. The PS3 and the Wii launched in November of 2006, so five months.

360: 84 exclusive titles over 17 months is about 5 per month announced or published.
PS3: 40 exclusive titles over 5 months is 8 per month announced or published.
Wii: 63 exclusive titles over 5 months is 12.6 per month announced or published.

Not a perfect analysis by any means, I know that, but it’s an attempt to take the 12-month head start and factor it into the calculations.

A look at the actual games is instructive. The presence of Postal III on the Microsoft list is probably worth docking two good games from the 360’s lead.

In that case does the Farcry Wii port cancel out an exclusive Wii title?

What you’re mentioning has been woefully underrepresented on the list and in gaming circles in general. With an up-to-date PC and a fair amount of patience, the 360 can be made obsolete. This is crucial for gamers who want to keep the number of systems owned down to a minimum. The PC effectively becomes two platforms in one. It may not get the definitive version of a game, and it may take up to two years, but almost every major 360 title will show up sooner or later. Mass Effect, Gears of War, Halo 3, and probably Halo Wars will be brought over. Bioshock is simultaneous. Even the recent Capcom stuff stands to be ported. If you’re ok with missing out on racing games and Rare, then you can probably live without a 360.

All of this is, of course, contingent on possessing the will to maintain an up to date PC. That’s asking alot of some, but for others, like me, the PC is a more reliable platform than the 360 has been or looks to become. (why won’t MS put 65 nm cores into non-Elites?) And I prioritize the many superlative current and upcoming PC releases over all other games on all other platforms, so there’s no way I’m leaving my PC in the dust.

The PS3, on the other hand, will get its own share of covetous exclusives in time. And you can count on almost none of them making an appearance on the PC. WiiPCS3?

That always annoyed the hell out of me. Still does.

Numbers don’t matter, titles matter. Highly anticipated AAA titles sell systems. Halo3, GTA4, gears of war, splinter cell, final fantasy, grand turismo, metal gear solid, zelda, fable, mario bros., etc, those are what sell systems. One splinter cell is worth 100 narutos.

In Japan, I think you’d find that the opposite is true. But it’s definitely true that it matters what the exclusives are. Still, the 360 does have some pretty powerful exclusives. They still don’t rival Nintendo in that arena (particularly Nintendo first-party stuff), but they’ve gained a lot of ground on Sony since the last generation.

Splinter Cell’s system seller status has been over for a long time (since the first game really). I love the series but it really isn’t all that popular.

I think the point is to have an absolute comparison - i.e., how well is each console doing right now - as opposed to a relative comparison - i.e., how well did each console do 6 months into their lives.

…and many others are on or slated to come to the PC.

That, OTOH, is a good point: I count 7 released and 11 unreleased X360 titles which are or will be out on PCs. It’s why I held off on buying an X360 for several months: I could play a lot of the games I was interested in on my PC.

Also, while certain titles may be exclusive, not every franchise is: e.g., Full Auto and Ridge Racer 6 are X360-only, but Full Auto 2 and Ridge Racer 7 are PS3-only.

OK fine, instead of splinter cell pick halo or fable or metal gear solid. Point is that the big titles sell systems. It’s not just about numbers, it’s about perception.

Most gamers don’t give a shit about that. They aren’t going to be sympathetic to a console because it was released later. You can’t just ignore those exclusives.

but it doesn’t make sense, a lot of these games were announced before the systems launched. I didn’t RTFA so unless they’re only counting games that were announced since the system launched, I don’t see how you can say that average relates to anything.

hell, in europe the ps3 is averaging 40 exclusives a month right now. sony ftw.

I loving English time long, you thank me!

Doesn’t the opposite also apply? I’m wondering how much the 360 is eating into the PC gaming market.

I was this close to spending twelve hundy on an “up to date” PC six months ago. I picked up a 360 for $400 instead and the urge to get back into PC gaming and its technological treadmill has just about died. If some of the cross platform and MMO inititives bear fruit, I may not ever get back to PC.

I think exclusives are important to a very small percentage of gamers, (unless its a Madden or a GTA) price, accessability and performance are what’s important to Joe Sixpack’s like me.