360/XBLive: why won't it let me set my SSID?

Here’s one I can’t seem to find any other help with by googling or checking support databases.

For three months I’ve been happily able to use my Netgear WGR614 router with 360 and Xbox Live. Last week, due to something unrelated to the router, the circuit breaker where the router is plugged in tripped. I reset the circuit breaker, and then had to reset the router settings.

Uh oh. I accidentally changed the SSID name–specifically, I added a space where there wasn’t one before. I couldn’t figure out why the 360 wouldn’t connect to Live, but it wouldn’t. Then good ol’ Wii figured it out, and I went back into the router settings, corrected the SSI name back to what it was previously, checked to make sure it was broadcasting (and the three computers and Wii in the house all see that SSID just fine) and hoped that fixed the 360’s problem.

Nope. Every help/support doc tells me to go into the SYSTEM tab, go to NETWORK SETTINGS, and then EDIT SETTINGS…and set the ssid there. Unfortunately, that option is greyed out–I cannot set the SSID, cannot choose the wireless mode, can’t do shit. The light on the wireless adapter is red–but it either won’t or can’t pick up the wireless network, even when it’s physically sitting right next to the router itself.

What am I doing wrong here?

Call tech support? :(