$39.99 for WoW + 3 Extra Months

I don’t normally post prices as a new thread but I thought anyone who hasn’t picked up WoW because you gotta pay monthly this may be your opportunity to try it without worrying for four months about that monthly fee.

$29.99 on sale for WoW at Best Buy according to this thread on Cheap-ass Gamer, and $29.99 for a 3 month game card. You can get a $10 off if you buy the game card and apply it to the game itself:

there’s also another $10 off coupon so you could get WoW (incl 1 mo. free) + 3 month game card for $39.99, which is a pretty good deal

Enjoy, and see you on Moonrunner/Alliance (see the Drop Bears thread for more info) so we can twink you!

Nothing to see here. You don’t want to buy this game. WoW sucks. Only idiots would play this…

…and take up precious spots on my server. Damn you, server queues!

Oh noes server queue of 5 people on Moonrunner at peak! XD

It looks like cancelling my sub on Saturday has really got them worried.

That’s nothing. I canceled my sub, deleted my characters, and destroyed my CDs (the latter a symbolic move really, given the downloadable client).

mustn’t go back mustn’t go back mustn’t go back mustn’t go back

Oh, I didn’t even uninstall, I’ll be back for the expansion, if not sooner. I’m just not too fond of the endgame and my alts were running out of stuff to do, so I wasn’t playing enough at the moment to justify the subs.

I felt guilty making the peon cry though.

Yeah, poor little dude. I’ve made him cry twice now.

I may be missing something, but I think it is $29.99 for a 60 day card. Which is the same price as you normally pay. (I’m not factoring in the $10 off another game thing, or some wierd scheme to buy an extra copy of the game for another $20 to get the extra 30 days).

I’m only posting this because I thought the OP (or someone else here) originally said it was $30 for a 90 day card. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’d love to find that deal.

very tempting…

My bad I thought it was 90 days.


You’re right, it’s 60 days (ie two “months”). Still, $29.99 on sale WoW -$10 for the Game card - $10 coupon = WoW for $9.99 and $29.99 for 60 days is still a lot cheaper than full price $49.99 and only one month. ;)

That’s fair, although to use the coupon you have to be willing to print out your own and ignore the statement on the original coupon that copies are not permissible.

Just saying. I’d get the card to save $10 if I thought using the coupon was legitimate, but I really don’t think that it is.

I used the coupon that had the “copies not permissable” bit taken off, and had no problem getting $10 off a copy of Dragon Quest 8, which was on sale for $39.99, then used a $25 gift card on it. DQ8 for $5, not bad. ;)