3am: So Nightcrawler and Vader walk into a game

Well, to state the blitheringly obvious, plenty of games need some sort of mechanism to allow you to restore health and power and such. Freelancer’s “shield batteries” and “nanobots” for instance. Those convenient “health packs” lying around in every first person shooter. “Wow, I’ve just been hit with 30 rounds of 9mm ammo directly in the chest. Good thing I just walked over a first aid kid.”

It seems to be a conceit that spreads over many genres. The art I suppose lies in concealing it for the game’s world. But it’s pretty easy to see through the curtain. Everyone called those things in Freelancer “potions.”

First off, it was written as what I had thought was obvious sarcasm and not a serious comment. Obviously my writing ability sucks, and next time I’ll just add " ;) ;) :lol: :twisted: " to the end of each line.

Now that you want to make a serious argument out of it, there’s a world of difference between pointing out plot points in a LOTR and a gameplay element that’s quite obviously there solely a gameplay element.

Weapons and ammo pickups floating and spinning in the middle of a maps in older first-person shooters were a self-evident gameplay element, and no one would mistake them for a story or plot element. So too are these “mana potions”.

Why bother worrying about them in terms of world story elements, especially in a world that routinely uses more absurd plot elements to serve the story?

Ok, sorry for jumping all over your post if it was sarcastic. Lord of the Rings was just the first other example that came to mind because I remember a lot of this sort of thing happening in the discussion of the movies.

I’m taking this game further off-topic… that’s right Battlefront.

I rented the game and while it is not excellent is certaintly does not suck. Agreed it would not be half as good without the liscense it is still fun (atleast the console versions). This very well may be because besides this the only real online shooter for PS2 is SOCOM/SOCOM II. This and a tight control scheme with some cool levels make it a blast.

Ack! Double post snipped.

Mana poitions are a lame cliche. They could have done better gamewise even without considering they don’t fit well with the comic setting/theme.

For example, Freedom Force’s hero points to represent a hero’s (heroicly!) heroic ability to return from near defeat. A much better solution than having everyone dose themselves with what ever random “power up” they find laying around; that sort of self sufficiency sure feels heroic to me!

Of course Freedom Force still has health pills lying, but there are few enough of those that they’re easy to write off as rest during a break in the action. The hero points and health pills in general are very limited, which prevents them from being repetitive and avoids the typical “I’m tough so long as I hual a wagon load of smack!”

City of Heroes’ Inspirations are also an improvement, although I prefer Freedom Forces approach. Fallout also did this well, where the health giving stim packs actually were a drug, and you could become addicted.

I don’t remember stim packs being one of the drugs you could get addicted to. I seem to remember you being able to be addicted to all the performance enhancing drugs… the ones that added strength, or speed, or whatever, but not stim packs.

Yeah, vanilla stimpaks weren’t addicting. They were health potions, pure and simple, different from the norm only in name and illustration.