3D gaming with Nvidia cards

It seems if you run a compatible nvidia card with the latest drivers, you can play most games in 3d (red blue glasses) in windows vista or 7.

Unfortunately I can’t give it a spin since I’m on XP. Anyone played around with this? I’m fairly positive Avatar-type polarized glasses will be the holy grail for flight sim types like me who want to see depth and how close that bogey really is to you, but I’ve found the red/blue 3d tends to kill all color in an image, and be moderately impressive.

afaik you need a 120hz monitor. Cheapest samsung 22" 120hz is $310 on newegg.

My impression is that for the red/blue type, you can use any monitor you want.

I used to use this a lot back when it was still compatible with XP. Playing Max Payne or Doom 2 in the 3RD DIMENSION was always interesting to me, even if I was doing it through a pair of Wayne’s World, The 3D Card Game cardboard glasses (true story). Every couple of months, I would dig out those glasses and test out my latest games on it, and it was fun for me. So, yeah, it works and it looks pretty much exactly as you’d expect.

I did recently install Win7 on a second hard drive, but now I’ve lost those glasses, and my daughter lost all of her pairs from her Hannah Montana In Concert In 3D! DVD so I’m on the lookout for more. According to nvidia.com, you can acquire official glasses either bundled with your card or “at upcoming tradeshows and events”. It might be interesting for Mirror’s Edge.