3D Realms and Max Payne 2

So I’m sitting here installing MP2 (woot!), and I’m noticing the 3D Realms logo on the back. In the credits, it lists Remedy as developer, Rockstar as QC and I assume distribution, and 3DR as…a couple guys (Miller and Broussard). What exactly is 3DR’s involvement in this game? Do they just kick back and receive royalties off MP titles? Is that why there’s no rush to finish DNF? (I’m thinking, how else can a game company survive without releasing games?)

I was also thinking – oh wait, install is done! See ya, suckers!! :P :wink:

I was also thinking – oh wait, install is done! See ya, suckers!! :P :wink:

See you in six hours. :)

Yeah, I played it through in one sitting. Well I guess there are certain other things one does in one sitting that are more expensive (e.g. escorts).

As far as I know, yes. That’s how it was with DN: Manhattan Project.

Take-Two bought the rights to Max Payne from 3D Realms:

Take-Two also announced that it has acquired ownership of the Max Payne brand and all intellectual property rights associated with the brand, including trademarks, copyrights, characters, perpetual license to utilize proprietary technologies, including the Max Payne game engine and associated “Bullet Time™” technology, and rights to license fees from ancillary Max Payne brand extensions such as cinema, television and literary productions.

Take-Two purchased the Max Payne property from Remedy Entertainment and Apogee Software in exchange for $10 million in cash and 969,932 shares of restricted common stock, in addition to certain future development incentives.

I have a suspicion the 3D Realms got the lions share, not Remedy. Now you know yet another reason why DNF hasn’t shipped.

Yeah I was amused that the only credits from 3DR in the game were Scott Miller and George Brousard. They were a few more of them listed as playtesters though. I wonder who gets more from the game Remedy or 3DR?

I still think that we’re just going to wake up one day and hear the DNF went gold overnight, with no advance notice.

I’m sure it’ll be like Valve where they’ll explode during E3 or private event and commit to a solid date which will slip past well into the next year :P

I’ve actually been entertaining the nutty notion that 3D Realms will quietly abandon the game, sell the Duke IP and close up shop. Broussard and Miller have certainly pocketed enough money to afford it, from the sounds of things.

3DRealms didn’t really have any involvement in Max Payne 2, did they?

They did for the first one, both financially and as something of a big brother to Remedy. But since they sold the IP to Take Two, I suppose they put up the bill for Max this time and 3DRealms simply got a little credit due to their involvement w/ the first one?

That would be my guess. I think they got something in the neighborhood of $20M when MP was sold. Add that to the pile they made from Duke, as well as any money they got for selling the publishing rights to DNF, and you can see why they don’t feel a lot of pressure to finish DNF.

Maybe Remedy still owes them money, or they still fall under the auspicies of the same publishing deal where 3d Realms’ name is required on the box.

— Alan

Does 6 hours mean this game is frighteningly short?

3drealms are still advertising for an animator on their main page. The interesting thing is that seems to be a permanent advertisement. Like I see it pop up every few months. Its almost like the siege perilous or something, they can’t find the devout holy animator to fill the seat and find the holy grail of duke gaming.

Did you finish it in six hours?

Well, Broussard and Miller do make a cameo in the game…

Did you finish it in six hours?[/quote]

No, I just started it but others above talk about playing through in one sitting and “see you in 6 hours” so that’s why I am asking.

LOL 6 hours? You got to be fucking kidding me. The first was way too short at about 10. The sequel is 6?


I played quite a bit last night and I only progressed through a few levels. Then again I’m the “stop and smell the roses” type of gamer. Especially with a game like this with all the eye candy and TV shows. I take my time and savor the game, not run through it as quick as possible. When someone says it takes only six hours to finish a game, I know it will take me at least 20 or 30. :)

It doesn’t help that I really suck at 3rd person games. I do wish the game would let me play first-person but clearly it’s not designed for it.

I think it took me just as long to beat this one as it did the first - I ran through it over the course of a week, with about 12 to 18 hours of total play time. I wasn’t exactly keeping track, of course.

I am the type of anal gamer, though, who was abusing the quicksave feature. Ooooh, I knocked off 5 baddies and got a flesh wound. Quickload and try again.