3DMark06 and sound issues

I installed 3DMark06 yesterday. Bundled with it was some sort of sound drivers, which I also installed. Now, eveything has an “echo-y” quality. I’ve since uninstalled 3DMark06, but I cannot find the sound drivers or whatever the hell they were, at all. They are not listed under Add/Remove Programs and I can’t find them under audio devices in the Hardware Device Manager. System Restore is not an option since it’s not turned on.

Any ideas?

Edit: I believe the name of the driver was Open AL Audio or something. I’m currently googling it to see what I can find.

Contacted 3DMark and ask exactly WTF their installer contained?

… Have experienced way to many shoddy installers that have lots of junk piggybacked without a ‘custom’ option to Add only the crap you WANT installed.

[And since I am working with installers daily – for the time being – I guess I get some extra “annoyance” out of seeing what shitty jobs many people do…]

Solution: Uninstall, then re-install my original sound drivers. Works fine now, but that was rather annoying.