3DS Recommendations

I was able to purchase a 3DS XL yesterday with points I have earned on my credit card. I have a big trip to Manila in April and figure I can get some good TBS type gaming in on the plane.

I purchased Bravely Default and Fire Emblem Awakening too.

I prefer strategy and turn based games and was wondering if anyone can recommend any others? I am open to other good games to but tend to bad at anything that us action oriented.

Dang… I can’t recommend my favorite game then (Monster Hunter 3U). If you haven’t played DS games reguarly, track down all of the Professor Layton games on DS. That can be weeks of entertainment if puzzles are your thing. If you don’t mind old school grinding and mapping, Etrian Odessey 4 and Etrian Odessey The Millennium Girl are both great 3DS titles. Panzer Tactics DS might be worth tracking down, as well as Advance Wars: Days of Ruin DS.

Project X Zone looks good at first glance… but don’t fall prey to it’s turn based facade… It isn’t a very good game. (It is a turn based, Fire Emblem like game, but the story is so convoluted and such that I cant bring myself to play it much.)

On the other hand, despite the Tom Clancy’s branding, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is one of your best bets for a 3DS tactics game, particularly if you’re a fan of Julian Gollop’s work.

Not a 3DS recommendation, but if you are really going to visit Manila, I’ll be happy to show you around. :) I probably wouldn’t have a heavy work load come April.

Oh yeah, forgot to say that Devil Survivor is a TBS-RPG game. It has a lot of replay value.

How does Etrian Odessey compare to well - all other EO’s after it? I’ve tried playing the first EO, and despite liking the general idea (and not minding the mapping) it was a bit… much? It seemed close to roguelike in difficulty with the constant runs back to town just to save. I don’t like losing progress merely because I have to set the game down.

EO: Millennium Girl has a lot of added usability features to make it more easier for players. It also has a story mode aside from the standard type of EO game.

Do you need to play the Etrian Odessey games in order? Or can I start with the easier one? ;)

I will put Ghost Reckon on my list.

I played the Advanced Wars Dual Strike long ago; I wish they would make a new one. I also played the original Layton game I will have to take a look at the others.

As far as I can remember EO games are independent of each other. Since it’ll be your first time, you might be better off starting with Millennium Girl, since its actually a remake of EO 1.

I’m going to be on the dissenting side on this one. I have this, and I find it kind of boring. I think I’ve played three or four levels, and didn’t find much cause to continue. If anyone can provide more information to encourage me to play more, I’d appreciate it.

I thought EO3 was pretty good, and I thought EO4 was very good. I’m a bit scared to go back and play the first one, as the difference between 3 and 4 was enough that I finished 4 but not 3.

Specifically, the 3DS version is called Devil Survivor Overclocked. The DS version will play on the 3DS, but might as well get the best version.

Shin Megami Tensei 4 is pretty good, but it’s more JRPG than SRPG (it’s basically Pokemon with demons).

People have hit the major ones (Shadow Wars, Fire Emblem). Honestly, Fire Emblem itself can probably keep you occupied the entire time. There’s no reason to play the Etrian Odyssey games in any order, they’re all independent and they don’t get notably harder or easier as they go. I forget the differences, but 4 or Millennium Girl are probably both fine.

General recommendations wise: Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and Zelda: Link Between Worlds both showed up on a fair number of year-end lists. Consider buying things on the eShop to avoid dealing with cartridges while traveling: all Nintendo published titles are available for download. Also, there’s a handful eShop exclusives (the new Phoenix Wright game, if you’re into that).

Remember there’s a massive library of DS games available to you as well. I believe there was an Age of Empires and Civilizations released on the DS, not really sure how easy those might be to find though.

Civ Revolution on DS was fine, but not great. It was fairly similar to an updated Civ 1, I believe.

Jagged Alliance also got a DS release, weirdly. I think the consensus was “playable, but not great”.

The Age of Empires and Age of Mythology games were actually pretty decent. Not top-tier or anything, but still pretty good.

Despire their PC roots, those games are both turn-based. Sort of like Advance Wars, but with an element of city-building as well.

There’s an Anno game on DS as well. Can’t remember which one.

Anyway, Fire Emblem seems the obvious choice for TBS on 3DS, but as a general recommendation I’d say the last Phoenix Wright game and Luigi’s Mansion.

EO 4 is a fantastic step up from all the other entries in the series, and it’s moved a long ways since the initial entry. The biggest change is that there’s multiple little dungeons to explore rather than one big dungeon, and each of them have their own gameplay themes. There’s also a lot of interesting side-quests (which often come with their own dungeons) in the game. That means there’s basically no grinding. If you focus on exploring the whole map and doing all the side quests, you’ll generally end up at or over the expected level for the core bosses.

Regarding losing progress, there’s a “casual” mode you can set on the outset that maintains your progress after death. But even if you don’t play with it on, you’ll rarely lose progress. The dungeons themselves are shorter, so your runs between towns don’t get as long (which leads to the progress loss). Plus, there are less difficulty walls that outright kill you if you step over them. You can generally run away from any fight when you realize you’re over-matched. If you play very aggressively, you could still lose progress, but it would be rare.

I would definitely start with the 4th entry. I’ve played all four of the games (haven’t played Millennium Girl yet, but I don’t look forward to revisiting the first entry), and the 4th one is just so much better than the rest. If you don’t like it, you won’t enjoy any of the earlier ones. And if you love it, they’re still there to check out. There’s not really any story continuity between them.

Outside that, everyone else has the other recommendations down. I enjoyed the latest Phoenix Wright game, and while it’s not a strategy game, it is essentially turn-based. It’s very easy to put down at a moments notice. If playing as a defense attorney sounds ridiculous enough to be enjoyable, it’s a good bet.

EOMG is a lot like 4. They redid most of the things that make the earlier ones not as compelling to finish as EO4.

Basically, if you like 4, you’ll like MG.

Civ Rev on DS grabbed me a lot more than any of the other Civs since 2. Recommend!

I believe there are two Anno games–1701 and Down of Discovery (1401).

Bravely Default is turning out great.

Second the recommendations: Etrian Odessey (both IV and MG)

But I doubt you’ll be able to finish them all in time. Fire Emblem alone will keep you busy, especially if you want to “breed” optimal children and do the + modes.

Man, I’ve spent so much time matching up people to get the paralogues and the kids…by the time you do that the endgame is utterly trivial, of course, but it’s interesting in a completist sort of way. I wish they’d go back and convert the older FE games for 3DS. I play Shadow Dragon I think it is sometimes on the 3DS but it loos wonky.