3DS Recommendations

I am having a problem keeping both Chrom and my Avatar character alive. Playing on Normal, Causal (heh). I have to figure out the best weapons for each person etc. lot to track. I tried buying some spells too but not sure who can use what yet either.

Fun game but a lot to learn.

I have the same problem in Valkyria Chronicles 2 and in Fire Emblem. I get to the last mission, but still need to unlock all the relationships / upgrades, so I just grind random battles at the last mission until I get tired of it and never finish the game.

Is there a way to get random missions to grind in Fire Emblem? I saw one for he risen pop up at a store location not sure how to make others appear.

Right now my next mission is to beat the other team in the arena but Chrom keeps dying.

How far are you? Arena is in the beginning, I believe. As you open up the map, there will be grind-able encounters appearing in the areas you’ve already beaten. If you go to the online / streetpass menu, you can also fight people you’ve streetpass-ed, or if you don’t have any, there are a bunch of built-in armies usually featuring heroes from other games, but those are often really really hard. (You might have to unlock that as well).

Age Of Empires was pretty good - maybe a bit on the short side if I recall correctly but still fun to play.

I loved Etrian Odyssey 4 - so much that I got a 3DS specifically for Fire Emblem and SMT IV, got hooked on EO4 (never having played an EO game and still have not even opened Fire Emblem or gotten all that far in SMT IV. And I got all three at the same time.

Also, as someone mentioned, check out the DS library. It was an RPG lover’s dream. Good amount of tactical RPGs, as well.

I am still in the beginning, I just stink! :)

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Keep em coming!

I will look at the old DS games. I guess they have to be downloaded from the online store? I find their online store a lot harder to use compared to the Vita.

Aside from DSiWare releases, old DS games are retail-only.