3G Ipod battery replacement - can I do it myself?

My wife’s iPod can’t hold a charge. www.ipodjuice.com looks like a decent bet with their $35 replacement battery kit. Has anyone here actually performed this operation? Looks like I’ll save 50% over having Apple fix it for me, with the downside being a pissed off wife if I fail.

I’m fresh off of changing out her whining case fan last week, so I’m feeling handy.

Any notes about battery vendors or tools or the iPod-opening process are appreciated.

Yes, the kit should come with instructs and a tool to open it. I’ve done it with my mini and its really easy.

Alternatively, if you want to pay someone else to do it professionally, go with ipodmods.com. While you’re at it, have them put in a larger capacity battery. Total cost = $40 installed (plus your shipping it to them). I’ve dealt with these guys and they also have a good reputation on various iPod forums; I actually heard of them through the ephpod forums.