3rd party gampads for Xbox 360, for FPSs

Hello Hivemind,

I was playing CoDBlops 15 the other night on my Xbox 360, and suddenly a memory from college (must have lost it to drinking temporarily) struck me.

link to site with a picture of a controller

I remembered playing Halo with this thing in at a buddies place.

I also remember it being a cheap POS, but I really liked the idea of being able to throw a grenade while still aiming.

So, I figured I would ask you guys if there are any controllers for the 360 which place the XABY buttons underneath the controller so that you don’t have to take your right thumb off the stick to press a button.

I was taking a look at the Madcatz MW2 themed controller and it seemed like it has the option of flipping a switch to move a button, or something, but it was confusing.

Appreciate the input.

I don’t have any suggestions for a good FPS controller, but I can warn you away from this one:
Joytech Neo Se

This thing is junk, mainly because the dpad is stiff and unresponsive almost to the point of it being merely a cosmetic addition. I ended up with one by accident, and I only ever use it if I need a wired one on my PC, or when I’ve run out of other controllers for someone to use on the 360.

I enjoy how the “customers also bought” is an xbox360 movie tie in game to The Bourne Conspiracy, another warning sign.

I’m confused. Why were you playing Halo with a control scheme that required you to press one of the face buttons to throw a grenade in the first place? That was one of the things that Halo changed in the control scheme that made it radically different from other first person shooters of the day. Instead of having to select the grenade as a weapon first, then throwing it, you could throw it at any time by pressing Left Trigger.

Now, I’m no stranger to wanting alternate control schemes. I used Green Thumb for Halo 1 and 2 because I wanted to be able to aim while I melee’d someone. But to take the grenade button off of left trigger? Bad move!

And now in the Call of Duty games, grenades are assigned to LB and RB, so once again, you don’t have to take your thumbs off the sticks to throw them. Why would you want to change to a control scheme where X, Y, A or B throw grenades?

You make a great point, the example I gave is an illustration as to why I would want to be able to buy an Xbox360 controller back in the day of Xbox.

A modern example would be, I want to be able to dive to prone and then bunny hop around in CoD like the tweakers on Xbox Live. So Jump and or change stance while aiming.

So while the situation with the 360 controller is a lot better than with the old Xbox one, I would still like to always have both thumbs on deck and press all the other buttons.

To be honest the 360 controller and the COD button layout is for the most part just fine, but as an idle thought I was imagining a controller with the face buttons re located to be under the ring and middle finger of each hand.

i just want a 360 controller with a usable d-pad of any kind

It’s insane isn’t it? All this palava with the 360 d-pad, the special edition PES version, the stupid new rotating thing, when all they need to do is clone the Saturn’s utterly perfect dpad.

Patents are wonderful things.

The rotating D-Pad 360 controller’s pad is exceptionally good.

Are you referring to the NEW NEW one? The all silver SE with no colored buttons?

3rd party controllers are generally garbage.

However, I’ve been waiting a while to check out Razer’s Onza because I love the idea of adjustable tension thumbsticks since out of the 5 Xbox 360 controllers I own, I’m only really happy with the thumbstick play on 2 of them and of those 2 I never use 1 anymore because it feeds nasty static into any headset plugged into it. But… I’m starting to think the Onza may never come out considering how continually delayed it is.

Doesn’t Hori made a pad for the 360? You’d have to import it. Fighting commander 3 or something along those lines?

Also, the Madcatz SFIV pads are of varying quality- some are actually good, some are terrible from my experience.

Just buy a real Microsoft 360 wireless controller for your PC. The good PC pads are the same price or more, and many that are terrible are the same price.

Although I would like a three-button row fighter pad I am scared of build quality issues.

Warning: the wireless ones have demonstrated some problems with PC ports. Apparently the QA don’t test with anything other than the wired USB one.

I am using the tournament edition SF4 fight stick and the gamepad (PS3 versions) for PC and they both work fine.

Don’t get a wireless 360 controller for a pc.

It is true they work and i haven’t really had any problems with mine, but the software support on the wired controller is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better. The microsoft drivers are only just workable for both controllers, but there are 3rd party drivers for the wired controller which allow you to customize everything to a huge degree, as well as having better compatibility.

If i could do it over again, i would have bought the wired 360 controller for my pc arcade game needs. That or possibly a ps3 controller which also SUPPOSEDLY (i don’t have one and thus cannot confirm the quality) has good 3rd party drivers. I would buy a 360 gamepad over a non console gamepad though. The best thing about the 360 gamepad is that it just freaking works. I had no end of problems setting up logitech gamepads over the years.

The wireless controller also eats batteries, making a recharger almost required. Not to mention being significantly more expensive last i checked.

Yes. The D-pad is exceptional. I was able to finish MvC2 without losing a character, finish HD Remix on Hard without losing a match, and beat Dracula in SotN without getting hit, all things I could not do on the standard 360 D-pad. I dunno if I’d spend $65 (!!!) on it, but they did indeed come up with a good quality D-pad on the thing.

Interesting. Hopefully they’ll soon come out with a less limited edition model that has a similarly good d-pad.

Having multiple consoles, I sometimes spend a long periods on my PS3 like when an exclusive comes out for it. There’s always a bit of readjustment to get used to the 360 controller after this. I’m worried that not having colors on the buttons would make this a bit more difficult.

Some games don’t even have the name of the button, just the color when prompting for a button press.

Why MS would release a controller with no color on the buttons is pretty absurd.

Not really. For one thing, I can’t think of a game that doesn’t put the button letter up along with the color. For another, who the hell is actually looking at the controller for those kinds of situations? You either know it or you don’t. It certainly hasn’t been a problem for me, mainly because I think the vast majority of people who care enough to buy a controller specifically for an improved D-pad already know what buttons are what on the thing.