3x3: awkward moments

We discuss our favorite awkward moments in movies at the 59-minute mark of the Qt3 Movie Podcast of American Made.

Tom Chick
2.The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Kelly Wand
1.Boogie Nights

2.Pulp Fiction
1.When Harry Met Sally

What are your favorite awkward moments in movies? Listen to the show to hear us talk about ours and to hear Dingus read a couple of listener picks.

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And sorry again to our listeners who wanted to contribute and couldn’t get their picks read because we recorded the show early due to scheduling issues. We really do appreciate your emails.

Arthur Giovannangeli sent in these picks after we recorded. I am including them here since I could not read them and mess up Arthur’s name on the podcast.

3.Calvary - The opening line of this movie is a man in confessional telling Brendan Gleeson when he first tasted semen. Gleeson clearly doesn’t know how to react and the scene progresses from this awkward first moment to something much more menacing.

2.The Damned United - Michael Sheen tries to get Timothy Spall to work with him again, after the two parted on bad terms. It’s pretty tense and awkward when Sheen arrives at Spall’s house and I love they way those feelings build into the scenes conclusion.

1.Margin Call - After Stanley Tucci gets fired early in the movie he confronts Demi Moore about it, since he believes she is responsible for his termination. Later the two are forced to share the same room for an entire work day and you can tell neither of them are particularly happy or comfortable with the arrangement at first. The initial awkwardness eventually dissolves and the two are able to talk about severance packages. I just love the arc of this scene, it works so well.

I particularly like that Margin Call pick, Arthur. That is excellent.

Thank you, Arthur!


Keith Leith sent in these picks, also after we recorded. Not Keith’s fault either, as we just forgot to let everybody know we were recording early. I wanted to include them here as well.


3.The Magdalene Sisters
It was either a bold directorial choice for Peter Mullan to show a girl yelling that a priest wasn’t a man of God two dozen times, or he was padding for time having blown most of the budget on merkins.

2.The Man With Two Brains
Dr Michael Hfuhruhurr leans in for the confirmatory kiss at his hospital wedding, but his wife Dolores begins her campaign of abuse by rebuffing his advance. Dr Hfuhruhurr is left to turn and regard the assembled pastor and guests abashed, lips still pursed.

1.Two-Lane Blacktop
At a New Mexico service station, The Girl is unimpressed with The Driver’s nervously imparted knowledge of the cicada lifestyle. He slopes off in defeat. Her parting shot of “You bore me” is an impetus for him to accept GTO’s challenge to race.

Good day

I am so sad I could not have Kelly pronounce “Hfuhruhurr” as I normally do in this situation. I love doing that.

Thank you, Keith Leith!


Every scene in every movie that Ben Stiller has appeared in.

In Fight Club, Marla walks into a Remaining Men Together meeting for testicular cancer and asks "This is cancer, right?

Rumbled. There’s one good way to stop these submissions.

I’m disappointed I used ‘lifestyle’ instead of life-cycle, as if cicadas were sorting out the feng shui in their burrows or thinking of taking up hobbies.

This was the first moment that came to mind for me:

The highest awkwardness per minute ratio in recent cinema must surely be found in Toni Erdmann. Since i cannot nominate the entire movie, i’ll go with the birthday brunch scene towards the end.