3x3: best flying cars

We discuss our favorite flying cars in movies at the 1:22 mark Qt3 Movie Podcast of The Girl with All the Gifts.

3. The A-Team
2. Furious 7

  1. The Incredibles

Tom Chick
3. Transformers: Age of Extinction
2. Blade Runner

  1. Repo Man

Kelly Wand
3. The Blues Brothers
2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  1. Back to the Future

What are your favorite flying cars in movies? Listen to the show to hear us speak eloquently about cars, squirrels, and robots, and to hear Kelly read some listener picks, including a final pick that makes Kelly and Tom go all, “Squee!”

Send in your picks for the next topic to [email protected].

No mention of the Star Car from the Last Starfighter, you plebeians? ;)

ONLY THE BEST CAR EVER. It has warp drive for chrissakes.

Do flying motorcycles count?

I don’t know about ‘favorite’ but Grease has one of the goofiest flying car sequences.

“Where are my flying cars?!?”


I agree with Kelly the most, but like Tom’s mention of Blade Runner. Also like the Fifth Element.

Cool topic.

Harry Potter!


Good man @dwinn.

Thanks, @dwinn! When @ChristienMurawski brought that up, me and Kellywand did the podcast equivalent of giving him a blank stare. Which means sitting there silently until Kellywand says something dumb and changes the subject.


Oh @dwinn. You have no idea how happy you’ve made me this evening. You found a seventeen-year old commercial I referenced on the podcast, and you did it just like that!

And you didn’t even make fun of me for not knowing that was Avery Brooks doing the commercial.

That moment at the end, where he just weirdly gestures off in the direction of the city as he says “software” was one of my friend @spacemonkey’s favorite non-faked physical gestures. He loved that moment, and because of him, I loved it too.

Damn I love that. Thank you.


P.S. La Cheeserie!

Y’all are so welcome. It always makes my day when I can contribute in some small way!

That Avery Brooks commercial just stuck with me all this time. I’ll still just occasionally blurt out “WHERE ARE MY FLYING CARS?”