3x3: best microphone scenes

We discuss our favorite scenes involving microphones at the 1:45 mark Qt3 Movie Podcast of Star Trek Beyond.

Tom Chick
3. The Naked Gun
2. The Road Warrior

  1. The Conversation

3. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
2. The King’s Speech

  1. Grosse Pointe Blank

Kelly Wand
3. Bridesmaids
2. Election

  1. The Conversation

Post your favorite microphone scenes in movies. Listen to us announce ours, and read Kelly Wand hear some listener picks.

Send in your choices, and notes about our next show, to [email protected].

At last, I’ve got a good one! So good in fact, that it was only a couple of clicks away on YouTube:

Oh @geggis I really love that pick.


When I listened to the podcast, I was surprised that this wasn’t one of Dingus’ choices, since I believe he once said it’s his go-to feel good movie. Anyway, it’s my favorite microphone scene, for no small reason that Jean Hagen is perfect.

Filming The Dueling Cavalier: Singin’ in the Rain:

Oh. My. God.

I cannot believe I didn’t think of this. It is perfect. Perfect!


Thank you, Jason.



P.P.S. “Well I can’t make love to a bush!”

#2 Hamburger Hill, the Lieutenant trying to talk on his radio mike, not realizing its been blown off and the operator is dead.


#1 The Warriors, the radio DJ (just a mouth and a microphone) sending out a message from the Gramercy Riffs.

Honorable Mention because its from TV. WKRP in Cincinnati, Dr. Johnny Fever and his ridiculous DJ booth microphone.