3x3: best outfits

Good one. And I love this photo.

Best use of a codpiece in a movie.

Speaking of stylish hats…

Sam Elliott and Val Kilmer especially are rocking that shit. (From “Tombstone”)

The Presidential Seal as bling is the capper. Also, Terry Crews is just awesome. (From “Idiocracy”)

Everything in this movie is gorgeous. (From “The Fall”)

She’s absurdly hot in this movie. In a, “as a dude I have no shot here, do I, oh well” way, but still. (From “The Fast and The Furious”)

I’ve always loved the textures and detail that Terry Gilliam puts into his films, including the costumes. The dystopian fashion of Brazil and 12 Monkeys are great but if I had to pick one it might be Robin Hood from Time Bandits because it’s just so much fun.

Ah yes, 4921113310_d9bc3d720: The Movie. Who hasn’t heard of that? Certainly not me, that’s who!

Excellent choice. Time Bandits are full of great visuals and costumes.
Some other good picks up there - especially Kilmers Doc Holliday and Stardust. Wish I’d remembered those.

  1. Provocative, sexy, revolting and a cause of some controversy (and according to some the birth of a nasty exploitation subgenre it doesn’t belong itself)

  2. I always thought the marines in Aliens were so well done - and I loved the equality the future had brought. Ferro was my favourite of the girls:

    I think it was the glasses.

Man, this is the easieset 3x3 in some time for me. So, let’s see now:

Yep, I deliberately chose a photo with the lipstick. Part of the outfit, as far as I’m concerned.

Cary Grant was a good call for a great clothes horse of an actor, but when I think about dudes wearing suits I start with Bogey.

Maybe this one’s cheating, being all sci-fi. Plus fuck Star Wars. But come on – who didn’t think he looked like the baddest-assest dude in the universe, and didn’t you desperately want that outfit? I won’t tell anybody.

Are the pictures not visible to you? Or do you just not recognize the movie the pic is from?

Hey, don’t let me ruin your illusion that everyone has seen all the same movies you have.

Jeez, could you stop being a dick for a moment? I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t made some kind of linking error or something and the pics were actually visible. Flickr changed the way they do linking and my first try was completely broken.

The movies are Tombstone, Idiocracy, The Fall, and Fast and the Furious.

Ah. That would be one of the movies on my “Never see on pain of brain death” list.

Enh, it’s a perfectly respectable B-movie remake of Point Break, with, arguably a (slightly) less ridiculous plot. The entire cast is pretty, the chases and stuntwork are solid…really, when you look at the (bad) sequels and the (horrible) “underground street racing/tuner culture” movies made after it like Torque and Redline, it’s easier to appreciate it.

Getting back on topic, I’m very sad I can’t find a really good screencap of one of the outfits Monica Bellucci wears in Brotherhood of the Wolf, because it’s awesome. It’s this all black jobbie she goes around killing people in. Here’s a cap but it doesn’t really show off the whole thing well.

](monica-bellucci-brotherhood-wolf-3 | hugin_len | Flickr)

The only one of her scenes I remember from Brotherhood of the Wolf, I don’t think she was wearing (m)any clothes…

Yeah, Samuel le Bihan’s best outfit in Brotherhood of the Wolf is Monica Belucci.

Because every list needs Bruce Campbell:

Them’s a suave pair of motherfuckers.

Two items this topic made me think of:

  1. Robert Mitchum’s dapper short sleeved white suit in the original Cape Fear. This suit tells you everything about his character all at once: the veneer of a Southern gentleman, and a dangerously smart thug.

2) The transparent plastic raincoat worn by Joanna Cassidy as the stripper replicant Zhora in Blade Runner. In an unfamiliar world, it was somehow this detail that struck me as alien.

  1. Jennifer Lopez’s ensemble in Out Of Sight establishes the soft curves of femininity with the firm line of authority. Her pleather coat, skirt, and heeled boots say that Karen Sisco is no one to tussle with, but is worth a lengthy prison sentence. Complete the outfit with optional Sig Sauer handgun or tactical baton!

  1. Steve Zissou and his team are ready for adventures on the high seas in these matching uniforms! The terrycloth shirts with the emblazoned Zissou patch are comfortable and can be layered with a navy blue wool sweater for added warmth. Any Team Zissou member is easily identifiable by their red knit caps, and everyone gets a Glock (even the interns).

For underwater exploration, Zissou has one-upped legendary Jacques Cousteau by piping in music to their sleek wetsuits and SCUBA gear. You’ll adore The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

(con’t next post)

  1. No general of an Japanese clan can afford to lose his dignity, no matter how dire the circumstances. General Rokurota Makabe lets the world know that he’s in charge as he rocks this modified set of robes. The legs are cut as short as possible for increased mobility. The armsleeves are likewise removed: if you have to rebuild the clan from scratch, show everybody that these biceps will not falter. The topknot proudly displays your samurai status, the beard your smoldering masculinity. The sword at your belt is perfect for defeating your enemies one at a time. Comfortable for long overland travels or lounging around your [I]Hidden Fortress.


Next, can you tell us about your latest trip to Burma? I hear you’ve discovered a very unusual corduroy.