3x3: best seductions

Amazing. We can’t even agree on what the proper definition of seduction is! At least two of us goofballs think it means flirting. Oy. But still, given that we lost this podcast and had to bring it back through cloning (spoiler alert: it has the same DNA as the lost one), we’ll just count our blessings.

At any rate, we discuss our favorite seductions in movies at the 55-minute mark of the Qt3 Movie Podcast of Pacific Rim.

Tom Chick
3. Body Heat
2. Your Friends & Neighbors

  1. In the Cut

3. Thelma & Louise
2. Before Sunrise

  1. Une liaison pornographique

Kelly Wand
3. Sideways
2. Super

  1. Zapped

Now yours. What are your favorite movie seductions, and does convincing a woman to get off a train with you count? Here is a mini-3x3 of Reasons to Listen to the Show:

  1. Hear us explain our picks and argue over what is is.
  2. Hear Kelly Wand read the picks our awesome listeners sent in and butcher their names in a thoroughly endearing kellywand way.
  3. Find out what next week’s 3x3 topic is so you can send in your ideas to [email protected].
  1. Basic Instinct
  2. North by Northwest
  3. The Graduate

Before Sunrise is great. I love it. I’m probably only saying this because Dingus already picked it. But I think the seduction in Before Sunset is even better, partly because winning someone back is the more interesting version, mostly because it’s just more emotionally raw. Less romance, more honesty. I love that.

Or as Jesse puts it in Before Midnight…

I fucked up my whole life because of the way you sing.

My favorite cheesy seduction has to be from Pillow Talk. Not the real part where Rock Hudson finally wins over Doris Day; the cheesy line he feeds to girls on the phone, with their name plugged in (much as Jesse suspects in the Before movies) to the same old script. So very suave, and he even plays the piano!

Runner-up: The counter-seduction in Black Swan. “That was me seducing you.”

Bitter Moon. There are many seductions in Bitter Moon. But I like especially how Peter Coyote is seducing Hugh Grant to listen to his dirty stories. And how Hugh Grant is NOT seducing Emanuelle Seigner (he wish he is, but he is a joke)…

I just want to say thanks for redoing the podcast. It was awesome and I couldn’t imagine missing out on that. I guess, I can imagine it, but it brings me sadness.

Really appreciate that post, Lantz. Thanks so much.


I’m having difficulty working out what exactly seduction is as well but I could confidently put forward Y Tu Mamá También.