3x3: best things hit by speeding vehicles



Ooh, just thought of my number two: “No capes”.


Maximum Overdrive freaked my younger self out.


I can’t imagine being freaked out by Maximum Overdrive. It’s so dumb. Gloriously so.


At least Tom knows how 3x3s work. For anyone having trouble with their reader submissions for future episodes, here’s a template:

  1. Fury Road
  2. Whatever
  3. Who cares



Robocop, as mentioned above.

“Hellllppp me… hellllppp me…”

Clarence’s guys all get serious comeuppance but especially Emil.


I forget. Are there any horns in Fury Road?



Wait, Meet Joe Black is a comedy? Because Brad Pit spacing out in the middle of the road and then getting pinballed between two cars looks like something out of a Zucker brothers movie.



Here’s my three, I’ve left Emil off my list as he’s been mentioned so much already!

  1. Flash Gordon - Ming hit by War Rocket Ajax

    “dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body!”

  2. The Terminator- hit by a truck and looking worse for wear!

    “Get out!”

  3. Royal Tenenbaums- Buckley (and I guess the house but I had that last time for favourite addresses)

“Buckleys under there”

Honourable mention: Aliens-when one of these guys gets hit by the APC things carry on getting worse!

“Ripley, go, go, go!”


I’m going to go with a “speed is relative” interpretation, and submit:

Kevin Klein being sqwooshed by a bulldozer wielding Michael Palin in “A Fish Called Wanda”, after the wet cement Klein is standing in hardens.

Deadpool (eventually) running over the guy with the zamboni:

Charlize Theron’s character in “Prometheus” demonstrating why all that boring math stuff you learned in high school - particularly basic planar geometry as it relates to angles - really could come in handy later in life:


3x3: Best horns in Mad Max: Fury Road[quote=“tomchick, post:16, topic:130175”]
Wait, Meet Joe Black is a comedy?
Sadly, no. Or maybe. Actually I can’t remember. I saw that movie in the theater and the only two things I remember about it are Brad Pitt getting hit by cars and the movie being somewhere between 15 and 47 hours long. Maybe someone should vote for it in the next movie drive and you can tell me.



-Oh my God! There’s a deer in the car! Jesus Chr–
-I know.


That is quite the file name, Dingus.


Thank you for noticing, Chris. But it’s nowhere near as cool as Tom’s file name for the picture he chose for the front page podcast post.


“Make Paul wear the dress.”

[edit: which somebody else talks about here, as it is in the front page subforum]


That scene in Devil’s Rejects.



I was looking at this movie for a different reason, but then this cropped up…

One of the cool things I think I’ve missed up until now–and I’ve seen this movie many times—is that before he rolls down this window for this shot…[oh this dog]…

You see the price sticker from the dealer behind Sam’s head on the window, out of focus. I love that touch.


“What are you whining about. Why didn’t you just eat your vegetables?”


And “this movie” is…?


Oops. Sorry @Zylon. It is I Am Legend.