3x3: broken glass

Harry Potter is the shard of broken glass, or mirror, that Harry carries around with him – the one in which the image is eventually revealed as Dumbledore’s brother.

As for Goldfinger:

That said, your post only makes me think of The Lady from Shanghai. Which I must thank you for, as I really like that movie, and when it comes to that whole “hall of mirrors” thing, is pretty hard to beat. Although I kind of love how Woody Allen honors it with the climactic scene in Manhattan Murder Mystery.

Beat me to it with both references!

I wonder if that’s the scene that inspired this:

I always assumed it was this that inspired that:



I just assumed that someone would choose this so I didn’t bother to write in with it. Dammit! I won’t make this mistake for this week’s 3x3.

I love the broken glass in the Narrator’s hand as he crawls through it to get to his boss.

I couldn’t find a GIF for this, so I MADE ONE.

Ha, cool fact! Anyway, the correct answer is Conan the Destroyer.