3x3: empty swimming pools

We discuss our favorite empty swimming pools in movies at the 1:07 mark of the Qt3 Movie Podcast of Swiss Army Man.

Tom Chick
3. 21 Grams
2. The Ice Storm

  1. Neon Demon

Kelly Wand
3. Caddyshack
2. Sunset Boulevard

  1. Sexy Beast

3. Sexy Beast
2. Ricochet

  1. Pitch Perfect

What are you favorite empty swimming pool scenes in movies. Listen to the show to hear us go deep on ours and to hear Dingus read some listener picks.

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What exactly do you mean by empty? I think some of those are drained pools, but with people in them, while others are full pools but with no people in them.

I mean swimming pools that do not have water in them. People, even though they have a large percentage of water in their bodies, can be in the empty swimming pools in question.

Also, a person drinking a glass of water in an empty pool is fine. It’s also okay if it is raining during the scene.

Also, if it happens to be snowing, or there is ice in the pool, that’s okay too. If there is fog or steam involved, that’s okay as well, even though those are states of water.

Finally, if John Waters is in the scene, that’s cool too.


Lords of Dogtown. The first pool-skating scene, which is practically the dawn of modern skateboarding

edit: ah, just got to the listener selections and this is already in that list. D’oh

Not a movie, but I thought the scene in the empty swimming pool in Stranger Things was pretty good.

Number Three : Sexy Beast


“Yeah. This boulder came over down the hill. Just missed me.”

Number Two : Ricochet


The original Poltergeist’s half-built pool scene was pretty horrific.

Number One : Pitch Perfect



“I love you awesome nerds.”

3. 21 Grams

2. The Ice Storm

1. Neon Demon


Wednesday and Frodo.

I know it doesn’t really show the pool but I love how she’s leaning forward on the diving board.


image hosting without account

From Pusher 3:

When reading the title for this 3x3, the first thing that came to my mind was an ancient Cheech & Chong movie. Like any Cheech & Chong movie, I had no idea what its name was because I don’t believe I’ve ever sat through more than ten minutes of one of their films.

But for whatever reason this one stuck in my head and I was able to look it up and find a title:

In this cinematic masterpiece, the heroes are growing some marijuana in an empty pool with a blue cover. There is one particular scene where the cover comes loose while a DEA (or whatever) helicopter is looking for them. One of the pair has to “plank” on a ladder and pretend to swim while the other desperately tries to repair the tear.

Not a good movie or a contender for this list, but it’s funny what sticks with you over the years.

For me:

  1. Poltergeist
  2. Con Air:
  3. The aforementioned Caddyshack