3x3: erections in movies

We discuss our favorite erections in movies at the 1:06 mark of the Qt3 Movie Podcast of Kong: Skull Island.

No. Really. We discuss erections. In movies. On a podcast. Seriously.

3. Trainwreck
2. Top Secret!

  1. The Avengers

Tom Chick
3. A Clockwork Orange
2. Blood Beach

  1. Intimacy

Kelly Wand
3. Skin Deep
2. History of the World: Part I

  1. The Man with Two Brains

What are your favorite erections in movies? Listen to the show to hear us talk long and hard about our favorites, and to hear Kelly read some listener picks. Also, you’ll get to hear the results of the 2017 fundraising lottery.

Send in your picks for the next topic to [email protected], and if you’re a baker, make Dingus a cake with some tools in it.

If favorite means memorable.

  1. The Crying Game
  2. Boogie Nights
  3. Magic Mike (the pump)

Does it have to be in the movie? Or just near it.

I see what you did there.

Star Wars

No love for Something About Mary?

Uhh, you might want to either re-read the topic or rewatch those movies…


I was twelve for one of them. I mostly remember my mother’s shout and my uncle getting up and pacing the room disturbed; I assume the adults in the room didn’t know what was coming. In either case, close enough.


At least I got jailed for something that was actually erect.


I get that that focus might be a little more prominent for guys than gals.

That said, this pick is inspired. Great pick.

Which totally makes me think of this (NSFW):


Now you’re just being mean! Nevertheless…funny. :)

Whether that is true or not (it is true), the topic is erections. Not penises of surprise or size.


I’ll take “Something A Dude Would Never Say About An Erection” for five hundred, Alex.



Haha. And I thought I was being so good not bringing up Rome despite the gift wrap, because that was TV not a movie.

Next game night, assuming none of the guys show up, we’re totally starting with this question, do you guys even notice if they’re erect? The girls are going to get a laugh out of this.

Choice for me is Norton in Birdman. Very funny…surprised it was missed.

One of the listeners picked it.

The Last Erections of Under the Skin.

That sounds like a documentary about mid-life circumcision.