3x3: falling chandeliers

We discuss our favorite falling chandeliers in movies at the 1:13 mark of the Qt3 Movie Podcast of Rock & Rule.

3. Ghostbusters
2. Frozen

  1. Hudson Hawk

Tom Chick
3. The Phantom of the Opera
2. Paranormal Activity 4

  1. Melancholia

Kelly Wand
3. Die Another Day
2. Ghostbusters

  1. From Dusk Till Dawn

What are your favorite falling chandeliers in movies? Listen to the show to hear us go on about ours, hear Kelly Wand read some listener submissions that made one of our listeners do a spit take, and to hear the trouble come with two of our number 1 picks.

Write in with your choices for the next topic to [email protected]

I feel like there should be one in The Money Pit, but I can’t remember.

This is the choice that got me in trouble.


“I’m not a very good damsel in a dress, am I?”

The War of the Roses

It starts at about the 1:40 mark of this clip:

Tom just had to use the nuclear option with Melancholia.
shakes head sadly