3x3: favorite measurements

We discuss our favorite measurements in movies at the 1:26 mark of the Qt3 Movie Podcast of The Fate of the Furious.

.Tom Chick
3. Armageddon
2. Cop Car

  1. Jaws

Kelly Wand
3. This Is Spinal Tap
2. Jaws

  1. Used Cars

3. Furious 7
2. The Natural

  1. Hoosiers

What are your favorite measurements in movies? Listen to the podcast to hear us go on about ours, and to hear Dingus read a few listener picks.

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To be more specific, my three favorite measurements in movies are “the size of Texas”, “2 centimeters each every day”, and “25 [feet]”.


Which reminds me of “In nineteen minutes, this area’s gonna be a cloud of vapor the size of Nebraska”.



Not quite sure if this fits, but how about using parsec as a measurement of time instead of distance in A New Hope?

“The target area is only two meters wide. It’s a small thermal exhaust port, right below the main port.”

“Take back one kadam to honor the Hebrew god, whose ark this is.”

Two weeks.

Appears in two great scenes… “Two weeks from everywhere” in “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”

and “Total Recall”.

The Princess Bride

My mum and I can’t actually say ‘two weeks’ without cracking a smile because of Total Recall.

Regarding Used Cars, the dealership doesn’t run an ad saying they have a mile of cars. They say they have “all styles of cars”, and the rival dealership manipulates the ad to sound like “mile of cars”.

Ok I don’t think I can pick three, since I’ve already seen 5 I love in this thread alone.

But I have to add this one. Don’t know it hits top 3 for me, but certainly in the running

I love Craig T Nelson’s “whatever” grunt in this one:

Or another.

‘but if I’m right, and we can stop this thing, Lenny, you will have saved the lives of millions… of registered voters’

Measuring ghostly cataclysm in terms a politician understands.

Yeah, the twinkie analogy was my first thought too.

Video link:


I love that you know this. No joke.


I don’t even know why I remember that. I’ve only watched Used Cars once, many years ago.

It’s hard to top Spinal Tap, but I’m going to try:

Das Boot:

That gauge pretty much sums up Das Boot. Good catch.