3x3: favorite works of art

We’re talking graphic art here, so while typography qualifies as a category of visual artistic expression, we’re steering away from written works of art as we’ve already done a couple of 3x3 threads on books. If you want to highlight your favorite font that appears in a movie, go right ahead, but by and large focus on paintings, sketches, sculptures…that sort of thing. Consideration was given to narrowing the category to works created within the scope of the movie in question, but that seemed too narrow.

We discuss our favorite depictions of artwork in movies at the 50-minute mark of the Qt3 Movie Podcast of 22 Jump Street.

Kelly Wand
3. Your Friends & Neighbors
2. Butter

  1. MacGruber

Tom Chick
3. Barton Fink
2. The Grand Budapest Hotel

  1. The Missing Person

3. The Door in the Floor
2. Fargo

  1. Hannah and Her Sisters

Please listen to the show for specifics on our picks, and for a bunch of really great listener submissions. Send in your picks for the next topic–be warned, it’s a Wand–to [email protected].

Ah crap, I meant to get my picks in. This would’ve been my numero uno:

Won’t get a chance to listen to the podcast until later today or tomorrow, but I’m assuming that I wasn’t the only listener on that tip.

Street Fighter - M. Bison Portrait:

Pleasantville. The narrow-minded confronted by a nude. Art as rebellion, individuality and self-expression.

I suppose Lust for Life (Van Gogh) would be cheating…

My number one is easily the Luncheon of the Boating Party in Amelie. I love the way the characters analyze the painting, I love the way they keep repainting it trying to capture each person’s essence, and I love the way this drives the actual characters’ arcs. I am always a sucker for the play within a play.

Next is hiding The Iron Giant by disguising him as a giant sculpture. I think I picked this one before in the other direction, as hiding places or something. This time, it’s reversed: I like the art because of its function.

Last, there’s a painting in Certified Copy which is a centuries-old replica, now so established that it has become worthwhile in itself. It’s not a particularly memorable painting, but I like the way it parallels the characters, who…

minor plot description

…who are pretending to be in love for the day & slowly realize they’d actually be good at it.

If I had to pick a favorite painting just for the sake of the zany art itself, it would be the multicolor Studebaker as it pulls up against the similarly painted billboard in The Muppet Movie. Also a hiding place, now that I think of it.

Inspired by triggercut, I suppose I’ll share screenshots of mine as well.

  1. “I’m just an entertainer of children, and I like to draw.”

The first one I thought of was this one, from his reading and slide show.

But watching the movie again, I kind of got hooked on this one. So weird for a child’s book.

  1. “Hey Norm. How’s the painting goin’?”

“It’s just a three-cent.”

  1. “Do you appreciate drawings?”

and this:

I love the dynamic here, because I’ve been here or close to here a couple of times. It is dizzying. I know you’re supposed to view what you’re seeing as art, but in the room with the embodiment of the artwork, it’s hard to think straight. I love how Michael Caine hooks into this.


“I don’t sell my work by the yard.”

The evolving painting from In the Mouth of Madness

“Mandro” in The Hand, with Michael Caine as the maimed/deranged comic artist/or just former owner of the deranged hand…anyway, Barry Windsor-Smith in Conanesque barbarian mode.

Hey Christien, has created works of art–musical in nature–been done on a 3x3?

I haven’t had a chance to re-watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but doesn’t Jim Carrey’s character sketch out a crayon picture of Clementine, finding it later as evidence of their forgotten relationship? I seem to remember it being of her as a skeleton. Overdue another viewing, I think.

Most memorable piece of art for me, though, is in Man With Two Brains. Steve Martin’s Doctor Huffhurrrrr (spelling?) begs approval for his new relationship from the painting of his dead wife.

The furious anger of her revenant spirit destroys the wall, blasts off the light fittings and flower vases, causes power dips and messes up his hair with blasts of ethereal wind. His answer is to remove the painting and, quote, “put you in the closet.”

Just finished the podcast, and the “Blue is the Warmest Color” pick reminded me of this:

I think “Favorite instance of flipping someone the bird” would be a good 3x3.

We did something we called 3 favorite uses of a pre-recorded song in a scene (Dark Skies podcast). Also Tom had a category called 3 best moments of actors playing musical intruments (The Killer Inside Me podcast).

I don’t think either of those is quite what you’re suggesting, though.


“I have my answer. I have my answer.”

The painting in the bedroom from The Cabin in the Woods:

And, for a touch of class, Jackie Treehorn’s doodle from The Big Lebowski:

Danny’s flipbook in Hot Fuzz:

“That’s just extraordinary.”

Have I ever mentioned that I heart you, Dave?

We finished recording later than usual, and thus did not post it last night. Rest assured it will be posted in a bit.


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