3x3: grab my hand

I like Dutch and Dillon’s reunion in Predator


Looks like Dillon has gone soft with those cushy desk jobs. Wonder if his going on the mission will cause any tension.

I love Cliffhanger too. Especially all the time what’s her name spends screaming for Hal to help her. Bro, Hal can’t fucking do anything. Concentrate on the task before you and stop screaming and wriggling around maybe. But as this has been m entioned I want to bring up another one.

Aliens, because Aliens. Drake and Ramirez, because Drake and Ramirez. Making fun of Hudson is a low-degree of difficulty activity but this is how you pass down time on deep space missions, one imagines.


Another favorite is the library scene from Out of Sight, which I can’t find right now. Snoopy is shaking down Albert Brooks, and Clooney intervenes (clearly having a couple of different plans ready to set in motion). As a result of the scene Snoopy takes the fish he got for Brooks’ character, drains the bag, slaps it into Brooks’ hand as part of a hand shake, and then squeezes the hand. After which he does a fist bump. Poor fish.

It doesn’t really fit, but all I can think of is Napoleon Dynamite.

“Grab my arm…other arm…my other arm…”

When I saw Jaws in the lists, the first thing I thought of was:

I’d recognize Chrissie Watkins’ hand anywhere!


Holy cats! There’s totally one in the Star Trek reboot! It just happened, right now, as I watch it to prep for tomorrow night’s show.

Also, I have to say given @mono’s testimony as a character witness, Tom’s incarceration for that offence is now under review. The 3x3 cop may have been a bit too quick with the cuffs in this case.


“What is necessary is never unwise.”

No Terminator 2 “Come with me if you want to live”?

And yes, she does take his hand.