3x3: hand-offs and exchanges in movies


We discuss our favorite hand-offs and exchanges in movies at the 1:25 mark of the Qt3 Movie Podcast of Jigsaw.

Kelly Wand
3.Real Men
2) It Follows
1.Raiders of the Lost Ark

3.Midnight Run
2.The Princess Bride
1.Margin Call

Tom Chick
3.Raiders of the Lost Ark
2.Green Room
1.The Liability

What are your favorite hand-offs and exchanges in movies? Listen to the show to hear us go on about ours, hear Tom read some listener picks, and to witness a podcaster get a ticket for reckless handing.

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Jackie Brown is at the center of an of an exchange of bags at a department store dressing room. To Sam Jackson’s arms dealer Ordell, the exchange functions to smuggle 550.000$ of his money out of Mexico, to the police, it’s a sting on Ordell while to Jackie, it’s an opportunity to cross everybody, exchange money for books and make off with half a million dollars.

Is it still a hand-off when one party isn’t actually aware of it? Early in the Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne slips a pre paid cell phone into the pocket of Paddy Considine’s journalist without him noticing when the two try to meet at a busy London train station.

This exchange is not concluded, as in Burn After Reading, Brad Pitt’s dim witted fitness instructor rides his not-a-Schwinn-bicycle to a meeting with John Malkovich’s former CIA analyst in order to sell him a CD with personal files that Pitt believes to be valuable intelligence. Instead of receiving any money from the (at least to him) hilariously named Osbourne Cox, Pitt gets a lecture on the illegality of his actions and a punch to the face.


Time Bandits: “The map, please.”


The best hand off is at the end of Empire Strikes Back.



Can’t wait for the best face offs 3x3.


Hey Tim, let’s cut off our faces and live as each other next weekend! It’ll be a kick.


This is just a ploy to get my girlfriend to cook breakfast for you. I see through your schemes! Let’s do it.


Dammit, why didn’t I think of that one. Great pick, BC! It’s pretty much the centerpiece of the movie.





Tom: “A hand-off is a sports term – like when the other team gets the ball.” #analytics


I am shocked that no one else picked The Big Lebowski.


I also always enjoyed the handoff at the end of Midnight Run. “Take it. Take it.”


I considered it, but isn’t that more of a dead drop?