3x3: horns in vehicles

We discuss our favorite horns in vehicles at the 1:29 mark of the Qt3 Movie Podcast of Alien: Covenant.

3. When Harry Met Sally
2. Ant-Man

  1. The Blues Brothers

Tom Chick
3. War of the Worlds
2. The Car

  1. La La Land

Kelly Wand
3. Jeepers Creepers
2. The Car

  1. Wrongfully Accused

What are your favorite horns in vehicles? Listen to the podcast to hear us make some noise about ours and to hear Kelly read some listener picks that, as usual, are much better than ours.

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I don’t really have an answer, as it’s not one of those things I ever really paid attention to, but your top answer, @ChristienMurawski, I heartily endorse!

Hell yeah, The Car. My favorite of all the Jaws ripoffs. I can’t believe anyone else remembers that film, let alone two folks…

As for my contribution, it’s not a horn, but goddamn if that Ferrari Daytona in The Gumball Rally doesn’t make sweet fuckin’ music.

Oh man, so glad to hear it’s not just me and Kellywand! If we can get a few more of us, maybe we can get the franchise revived.


I remember The Car fondly as well.

As to horns, where’s the RodneyMobile from Caddyshack?

My only pick is Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The moment at the first 5 seconds on the video below:

How do you not mention the War Rig horn from Fury Road?


“Everyone in the Old World had a show.”

Representing a lot of train horns in movies, Back to the Future III: