3x3: movie references you don't like in other movies

We see movies within movies all the time. Characters going to movies. A movie showing on a television set in a scene for no apparent reason. A movie title on a marquee in the background. Sometimes those are cool. This topic covers those references and appearances that don’t work, and what’s more, are downright annoying. Or even enraging.

We discuss the movie references that annoyed or enraged us in other movies at the 52-minute mark of the Qt3 Movie Podcast of Short Term 12.

3. Lethal Weapon
2. Prometheus

  1. In the Loop

Kelly Wand
3. Prometheus

  1. This Means War

Tom Chick
3. When Harry Met Sally
2. Fight Club

  1. Juno

Any movie references in other movies you don’t like, or outright hate? Post three. Or heck, just post one. Just don’t post none. And send in your picks for next week’s 3x3 topic to [email protected].

Guys, relax, it’s okay to just call him “Kelly”.

Just finished the podcast. The mention of Halloween being shown in Halloween 3 reminded me that in Halloween H20, there’s a TV showing Scream in the background, which references the original Halloween as being a horror film as well.