3x3: non-faked physical bits by actors



That’s the exact moment that I fell in love with that movie.


The Wild Bunch silently loading their guns, then their slow walk down the street at the climax of the movie.


He totally busted his ass!


Alien 4 Signorney Weaver makes the basketball shot.


Steve McQueen bouncing a baseball off the walls of his cell in The Great Escape.


Kill Bill part two David Carradine makes a sandwich with a surprisingly large chef’s knife and condiments of dramatic tension and physical grace.

The Royal Tenenbaums Gene Hackman physically and emotionally reaches out to his children for the first time after a lifetime of neglect. His son Ben Stiller double-slaps the hand away as if he were offering a Frenchman to duel.

Jaws Richard Dreyfuss is tying a line of barrels together. If he can’t do it in time, he will be eaten by a shark. If he takes too long, his hand will be caught and mangled in the rope, and then he will be eaten by a shark. He does it in the nick of time. (There may have been some movie magic involved in this one; Richard Dreyfuss’s life was probably not in danger.)

Honorable Runners-up: Josh Brolin takes a bunch of screen time in No Country For Old Men to build some kind of doohickey that can push a big bag of money into a ventilation shaft. Johnny Depp creates a certain recognizable affectation for his character in Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl that is imitated before the movie is even over. Brandon Lee blows off a direct order from police in The Crow by doing a silly skittering dance to stage right. “I say I’m dead…and I move.”


Ah, so awesome! Great pick!

“Don’t wait for me!”

Yep, the ‘Why did he buy a tent?’ scene! Although the timing and dexterity you see earlier in the movie, at the edge of the river, when he dries the gun just in time to shoot the dog gets the nod from me.



And I wanted to mention the two guys who plunged out of the top deck of the bus in Police Story but instead we’re on about facial ticks and mannerisms?

Does Arnie doing the sword twizzling in Conan count then just because of how clumsy he looks with all the muscle and stuff in these days of super cgi twiddling instead.


Oh yea, good suggestion: Everything about Billy Bob’s performance in Slingblade.


Calling David Belle an actor is a huge stretch, but if after Tom’s silly Star Wars pick, I feel I’m more than entitled to picking the moment where Belle jumps through the glass at the top of the door in District B13.



Now that was worth the bump! Very nice, marquac.

By the way, IMDB lists Dafne Keen’s next project as a road movie with her and Luis Guzman. You can never trust IMDB on this stuff, so who knows how plausible that is, but I’d be on board.



In Super Troopers, Farva really threw up towards the end of the movie, and the guys really chugged syrup in the beginning.


I thought this was a new thread, so I couldn’t believe all of Robert Redford’s actions on his little boat in All is Lost weren’t mentioned. And then I realized this 3x3 thread is actually older than that movie. So you all get a pass.


Beginning at about the 2:40 mark, young Terrance Stamp and his sword in Far From the Madding Crowd:



Jaws, Hooper tying a knot for Quint.

“I’m talkin’ about sharkin’.”


John Wick 2’s stylish press check.


What’s a press check? What is he checking there?



He’s checking the gun to make sure a round is chambered. I’ve never seen anyone do it one-handed like that. I have no idea why it’s called a press check.