3x3: non-faked physical bits by actors


But he just operated the slide. Why would he check whether a round is chambered?



My favorite non-faked physical gesture is this random guy throwing his gun backwards.


How about Chloe Sevigny in Brown Bunny?


Darn, that’s a good one.


First time I saw a press check was in Heat.

Al Pacino is much more calm about it, which is a strange sentence to make about Al Pacino.


Is that like Norabunga?


Oh, I like that.

Edit: Oops! This is a million year old thread!


Beat me to it!

But I was also going to mention what’s right at the beginning of that animated gif; when he does that little wrist flick to remove (heh, more like “eject”) the clip. He does it few times in the movie, which jumped out at me the first time I watched it.


Maybe Keanu learned it from his former co-star Collin Chou.


I was just rewatching Way of the Gun with some friends, and I noticed Benicio Del Toro does a one-handed press check in the final battle!


Nice catch! Now we know where John Wick got it from!



There is all sorts of wacky one-handed gun handling stuff in The Way of the Gun.


Jennifer Jason Leigh learned to play guitar on set for Hateful Eight and performed Jim Jones in Bottany Bay in this scene

Anyone who waited for the end of the video was treated to some more non-fake performance. Unbeknown to Kurt Russel, the guitar was an 1860 Martin worth $40,000 on loan from the Martin museum. Leigh’s shrieks as he smashes it were not fake.