3x3: your name used in a movie

We discuss our favorite instances of being distracted by a character who has your name in a movie at the 1:09 mark of the Qt3 Movie Podcast of Doctor Strange.

Kelly Wand
3. The Bad News Bears
2. Wild Things

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey

3. The Bounty
2. Inherent Vice

  1. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Tom Chick
3. Tommy
2. Armageddon

  1. Miller’s Crossing

Are there movies where you got distracted, or even repulsed, by having your name included as a character name in the movie? Listen to the show to hear us talk about times that happened to us, and to hear Tom read a surprising number of listener choices.

Send in your picks for next week’s topic to [email protected].

Not quite, but a friend still writes checks to me as K-k-ken, as in “Oh no, K-k-ken is c-c-coming to k-k-k-kill me!” (Fish Called Wanda).

Uh… hmm. I can’t think of my name being used in a movie.

I can’t remember a single Roberto in a movie. And characters named Robert never got me distracted, because, again, it’s not a very common name in movies. There’s Robert Langdom from the many Dan Brown books/movies, but his first name is so seldomly mentioned in the books/movies that it is not enough to get me distracted. And I only watched one of those.

It’s different with actors, though. I still feel kind of funny sharing names with Robert Redford, Robert De Niro, or Robert Downey Jr.

I always thought it was pretty cool to see another male Kelly in BNB, especially the best player!

I listen to the Doug Loves Movies podcast, hosted by Doug Benson. If you haven’t listened, it’s got a game show format where comedians compete in games of movie trivia. Each comedian picks an audience member to compete for. People bring nametags that typically are photoshopped versions of movie posters that integrate their own names.

I struggle with it, because I never go by the abbreviated version of my name, Alexander. “Alex” would fit into movie titles pretty easily, but the full thing is a tough squeeze, if it’s also going to sound funny. The best I’ve come up with so far and “Alexander Sisters”, after Hanna and Her Sisters and “Alexanderstellar”.

But here’s the thing. If anyone ever did pick my nametag, I know that Doug would make a crack about Oliver Stone having made a movie with my name as the title. But using that just wouldn’t be funny! Nobody would pick that.

I am a little sensitive about the historical figure of Alexander. I got his appellation “The Great” used on me many times as a kid as a way to poke fun because I was anything but “Great”.

P.S. My middle name is also Christian.

Are you joking? I can think of an awesome one right off the bat! (Look down below…)


Wait. What?

This has the beginnings of a sci-fi movie, where all middle-name-Christians are drawn to a central location to battle evil.



My middle name is Christian. I’m missing the obvious movie, though. 🤔

Stop it. No it isn’t. Are you having me on? Have we talked about this?




It is true. So is my Dad’s middle name. I was named after my great grandfather, Clay Christian von Gremp.

Ah… Die Hard. Haven’t watched it in a few years, but the season is coming…

Dang. Clay Christian is a super cool name.

My first name is my dad’s first name, as was tradition in his family for the firstborn son. But my folks never wanted to call me Patrick. They always intended to call me Christien, and never wavered. And my mother never brooked me being called Chris.

-Can I call him Chris?
-If I wanted him to be called Chris, I would have named him Chris.


P.S. And then she went and spelled my name wrong.

My 2nd or 3rd cousin also was Clay. He did some interesting things, but had a lame middle name. Maybe 1st cousin twice removed.

Back on topic, I’ll have to find some more Clay movies.

How is that pronounced?


I’m just going to assume “shitty” until somebody tells me otherwise.

Okay. Because it called to mind an Alec Baldwin SNL sketch from many years ago.


Oh yeah! Maybe I’ll go with that instead.


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Dadgummit, I hit reply but then saw that Dingus scooped me. Stupid Dingus.