4 Newly Annouced Portable RPGs

Archaic Sealed Heart (DS)

Final Fantasy III (DS)
Final Fantasy V (GBA)
Final Fantasy VI (GBA)

And for those of you living in a closet, FFIV is also coming out for the GBA, and was annouced quietly some months back. No word yet on extras, though thats hardly surprising considering that FFIV barely has a Japanese teaser up and it comes out in less than three months. But here is hoping for a few bonus dungeons (hopefully not randomly generated, but I’ll take what I can get) and a better translation for all of them. All in all a great day to be an RPG fanboy.


wtf psp.

Please god don’t let them fuck up the ports. Please oh please oh please oh please.

Of course, they will. It’ll be like the shitty PSX versions, where there’s load times for battles and the soundeffects have been fucked over.

Welcome back Charles. Missed you bunches!

I’m guessing the ports will be a lot like Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. That was pretty well regarded as far as ports go. The main complaints were about the relatively primitive gameplay, not the actual port itself.

Hoo man… ff6 might make me buy a micro just so I always have it on me. The last good FF :D

Also Xenosaga 1+2
Children of Mana
Magical Vacation 2
and Tingle RPG

Lots of other DS stuff announced today, including a USB wi-fi adapter it seems. Lot of cool looking games. Apparently there was a DS conference, who knew?

Welcome back Charles. Missed you bunches![/quote]

Who the hell are you?

As for Children of Mana… I would like to learn more.

Some other games…

Gyakuten Saiban 4 (Capcom, 2006)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Square Enix)
Mario & Luigi RPG 2 (Nintendo, 12/29/2005)
Tales DS (Namco)
Magical Vacation (Nintendo)
Bomberman Story (Hudson)
Nobunaga’s Ambition DS (Koei)
Dracula Castlevania (Konami)

Yeah, the GBA and DS are well known for their interminable load times.

I was just using those as examples of fucking up.

There are no load times for cartridge-based systems like GBA and DS.

Read -> Comprehend -> Post

edit: clarified big word

Pick any two.

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If someone says X will be like Y, with characteristics of A and B, it’s not unreasonable to think that X will have characteristics A and B.


Doesn’t mean they can’t fuck it up and cause something like that, even on a cartridge.

And I challenge anyone who thinks that cartridges can’t have strange loading times to go play Street Figher Alpha on the SNES.

Why no Final Fantasy III on GBA?

FFIII was originally released on the NES(JPN only), unlike the others. It’s being rebuilt with polygons and new art assets from the ground up on the Nintendo DS.

I imagine FF5/6 will just be straight ports with maybe a few bonus features like a beastiary or hopefully added dungeons.


Couple of screens on the first link, they’re off a presentation so the quality is poor. I can’t imagine how much better they’ll make FFVI look, as it’s pretty badass as it stands right now. FF IV and V could use a facelift, as it’s using FFIV style graphics. I’ll be buying IV and V just out of pure joy of being able to play them again.

I’m totally psyched for FFIII (JP). Never released here in the US, though I do have the translated NES rom, but never played it. The fact that they’re totally overhauling the game is huge. I can’t wait.

Sidenote: The new DS Mana game looks very promising too.

Ya know, I loved the first mana games (Final fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3) and I rushed to buy Sword of Mana only to find it pretty but very unpolished. I’m gonna hold off until I see a few reviews and such before I put any faith in their World of Mana project.

I haven’t found any info about the new mana game. Is it a remake like Sword of Mana was? Or is it a port of something like SD3, which never made it to NA?