4-player Gauntlet on 360 Live

Disagree. Robotron just keeps on going to infinity. SmashTV is more like modern day games with bosses and whatnot.


Robotron doesn’t go on to infinity. Once you finish wave 255, you go back to wave 1.

Robotron 2084 is far superior to SmashTV and is one of the few near-perfect arcade games in my mind. Having said that, the version of Robotron that was available on the 360’s CertNet was simply awful and it’s not surprising it wasn’t there at launch.

Did you get a 360, Jim?

Bah! While Smash TV does have more modern conventions (as Dave pointed out), Robotron 2084 is the better game. It’s faster, the enemy designs compliment each other very well, and there’s an incredible sense of urgency that I find completely lacking in SmashTV.


On the subject of Robotron-esque games, have you guys tried Mutant Storm Reloaded?
I’ve really enjoyed the trial and plan to buy it.

If you like Mutant Storm, check out their previous game, Space Tripper. Even better, imho.

For those of us that are mere humans, it goes to infinity, as in I’ll never see 255 in my lifetime. :)


Did you get a 360, Jim?[/quote]
Yep. MS was kind enough to send a ton over to Tiburon, which were raffled off for employees and I was lucky enough to get one. The best thing about it is the Live Arcade and the Achievements. The Live Arcade is a viable outlet for smaller games, and the Achievements immediately sink their teeth into my competitive nature and compel me to do stupid stuff like play Call of Duty 2 on the “insane, bullshit cheating AI” difficulty just to rack up Achievement points.

Man I sure wish Midway would have put the effort into including Live play in MAC for the original XBox. No reason they couldn’t have…

Because then there’d be no reason to pay $5 a pop to re-purchase them for the 360.

Okay, that’s unfair, the first MAC is two years old and I doubt Midway was even thinking about the next generation back then. But I do suspect it’s the reason MAC is incompatible with the 360.

Grr. Tom and his 360.

Now I’m glad I did what I did to his car!


Ha… gauntlet and joust are pretty much the only games I’d be interested in playing on the 360 righ now…

Robotron doesn’t go on to infinity. Once you finish wave 255, you go back to wave 1.[/quote]

Someone made it to that wave? Jeasus, I think I made it to wave 40-something before I could not handle the game anymore. WTF does wave 200 look like?