4-speaker surround problem

I could use some advice–I’ve tried all the latest Win XP drivers for my new sound card, which uses the C-Media 8738M chip–a Chaintech AV515M, but everytime I start Thief, it deactivates my rear speakers. I go into the mixer controls and re-enable them, but that doesn’t help. Why oh why does it do this? I just want to play Thief with the sound of guards and zombies and things coming from behind me. The same thing happens when I play the HTRF demo that came with the sound card, so I don’t think Thief is the problem.

Try the forums at http://www.3dsoundsurge.com for help.

If you figure it out, please post what it was.

This happens to me in Flanker 2.5 and is a little annoying. I have desktop speakers hooked to the front channel and headphones on the back channel. When I want to play games with the just the headphones, I just hit the mute button for my speakers and am usually good to go–except for Flanker.

Thanks! I found a 8738 forum there and posted my question.