40 Year Old Virgin

Rotten Tomatoes - 90%

Ebert - 3.5 Stars

I’m going to watch it tonight.

The interview on The Daily Show with Steve Carrell was awesome.

Steve Carrell is awesome incarnate.

No kidding. I’ve never laughed so hard at two people just sitting there looking at each other.

Yup. It’s looking like this is going to be a good movie.

No kidding. I’ve never laughed so hard at two people just sitting there looking at each other.[/quote]

Yeah, I was laughing my ass off at that. My wife was on the 'puter, and she asked, “What are they doing?” I’m like, “Nothing!”

I just got back from seeing this and it was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Just plain awesome. :)

really liked it, really funny movie… although I found wedding crashers slightly funnier for the title of best summer comedy

I agree that The Wedding Crashers was funnier overall, but I felt like this movie had more depth. Still, an awesome movie.

I can’t believe the Stealth thread is on a second page of responses & this great film is one-third down the main index page. Saw it last Saturday night and it’s my number #2 movie of the year so far. To be fair, however, I’ve only seen 5 movies that have come out this year.

I think some of the humor is targeted at people over 30 – my wife & I were snorting soda out of our noses at a few points, while the teenagers next to us looked slightly confused. Unfortunately, most of my over 30 friends have young kids, and thus rarely get a night out at the movies. I hope 40 Year Old Virgin is going to be a big hit on DVD.

I believe any Qt3er who has posted or read any of the comic book threads in the Books forum would think this was a funny movie. Maybe the best thing about it is that much of the humor is hard R – raunchy adult humor that doesn’t stoop to PG-13 sanitation – yet the main character is a sweet guy that you really root for, rather than some caricature with a whacked out collection of extreme traits that’s supposed to be TEH PHUNNY.

Or maybe I just enjoyed the film because I see what I may have turned into if I hadn’t met my wife.

“Fuck her and then have her mail you a check for twelve dollars on your birthday.”

You gotta let that seed grow into a plant… and then you FUCK THAT PLANT!

Plant the seed. Plant it with your finger.

So, so many good lines.

Someone on another board said this was the funniest movie of the year, which I thought was a bold statement coming right on the heels of The Wedding Crashers, but I agree.

I went back and forth on whether or not to take my 13 year old son to this. I figured it would be one extended sex joke but then, I’ve always thought America’s double standard of violence vs sex is completely ass backwards. Watching hundreds of people burtally murdered – totally acceptable. Breasts or sexual themes? Entirely inappropriate for a growing boy!

So I brought him and I’m glad. We laughed so hard our mouths hurt and I actually thought the message of the movie was a decent one for a boy of 13.

The morning wood gags were great.

This was my favorite part so skip it if you want to avoid a quote spoiler…

This might not be 100% exact but I loved “You know what relationships do? They make one person go ‘blah blah blah blah!’ and the other person is like ‘What the hell does that mean?’ and the other person goes ‘blah blah blah!’”

I haven’t seen this yet but I did see Bad Santa and I thouroughly laughed my ass off as did rest of the theater when it came out. Sounds like 40 YOG has the same low brow crass humor like Bad Santa had so I guess I better check it out.

It really doesn’t, though. Not that the humor’s clean by any means, but it’s not as “dirty” as Bad Santa.

I had to go back and watch this a second time and it was every bit as hilarious as the first. Seeing the trailers, I thought that they would screw up several of the funny bits, but they didn’t at all. I figured the trailer had ruined the chest waxing scene in particular, like it would be just a small 10 second gag. But seeing the whole scene made me insane with laughter. :)

Jesus Christ, so funny. The opening scene alone nearly made me choke to death on my popcorn.

That scene made me glad I was seeing it with my son and not my new girlfriend as I was doubled over, crying with laughter. Totally undignified ;)

My brother said he heard that both this and The Wedding Crashers “bog down in the second half when they become romantic comedies.” I couldn’t disagree more but I did actually draw a contrast to Bad Santa and Old School, saying how someone looking for a comedy with no redeeming qualities might be disappointed that the humor in these movies is in support of a story with a happy ending. (And that was not meant as an insult to either Bad Santa or Old School – I love those movies.)

Raunchier than I expected, but hysterical nonetheless. In essence, this is some of the funniest folks in film getting together and doing great bits in a somewhat crappy movie. Will Ferrell better watch out because Steve Carrell can do over-the-top and sincere. His Andy is one of the most likeable characters I’ve seen, and he does a great job of making him dorky but real.

It’s also great to see a success from Judd Apatow after his critically-acclaimed yet serially-cancelled TV shows. Hopefully, Virgin will open more doors for him.

There are too many great lines from the movie to pick a favorite, but I will say this: after Virgin and A Mighty Wind, I will go see any film with Jane Lynch:

I’m very discrete…but I will haunt your dreams.