40+ years of Marvel comics on DVD - anyone tried these?

I saw these at Amazon today when I was browsing around. They look like a great (& legal) way for a relative comics newbie like me to get familiar with some of the classic titles. I understand a Spider-Man volume is coming also. Too bad they don’t have DC comics.

Anyone have these?

I have the Spider-man collection (and had a whole thread about it here that doesn’t come up on search-- guess it was the old boards) which has been out for a couple of years, although not on DVD- it’s on 11 CDs.

They’re scanned comics and sometimes they can be a little hard to read. I’m somewhere in 1967 or 1968 with Spider-man. The condition of some of the original comics that they scanned varies. Some are pretty yellow and have odd stamps from comic book stores. Everything is readable though (even if you have to squint a bit), and it’s just amazing to me how much more text there was in comics back then.

As a person who was a heavy buyer from '72 to '85, those collections are damn tempting. I was a huge FF fan and quite a good run of those books, missing only 1-3 and 6 and only because I couldn’t afford to buy decent condition copies (and never found a decent copy of 6 to buy. . .growing up in Springfield, Ohio sucked). But the Spider-man collection would feel pretty incomplete to me without the additional series that’ve come and gone, like Spectacular and Marvel’s Team-up. I don’t know, maybe I’m being picky but buying one of these collections would be to me all about reading every appearance of the character(s) in question, though obviously none of them could ever be that complete.

What would really be cool is a massive DVD library that was chronologically faithful month-by-month to Marvel’s publications, allowing you to go through the years and read everything they published. It’ll never happen, but someone like me would love it.

I have 44 years of fantastic four. Whike its a neat concept, I’ve only read about 5 issues. Its just not as enjoyable as reading a printing comic. Still, if you are a fan of a character and you don’t want to shell out the mega cash for rare issues, its not a bad deal.

I think it’s pretty awesome.

I’d rather have colour reprints, but when I think of all the years of effort scrounging garage sales and flea markets, etc. in the 1980s for me to compile complete collections of the X-men and Spidey, etc. (aside from the cost, although it was considerably less than it would take now) - I never did complete my FF collection and barely dented the early Avengers. Amazing just to have the opportunity to read these.

I think they’re great for reference purposes.


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