42" HDTVs - Samsung / Panasonic / Westinghouse?

So I’ve read threads. After reading all the stuff, I realized that I could figure out what the best 42" screens were by going to Amazon and looking at the top sellers, with the assumption being that the Amazon population buying expensive sets is going to be pretty knowledgable.


Samsung HP-S4253 Plasma - $1400 (free shipping)
Panasonic TH-42PX60U Plasma $1450 (free shipping)
Westinghouse LVM-42W2 1080p LCD - $1300 + shipping

I will get HDTV service through Comcast, will watch DVDs (initially through my XBox 0). Will probably get XBox 360 next year.

I suspect that I’ll be happy with any of those. Anyone feel different?

Only one of those sets supports 1080p and has 6 HD inputs. Like myself in the thread I posted earlier, the choice is obvious.

Ok, the Panasonic is out, because of the fact that it doesn’t have VGA.

The DVI input on the Westinghouse… kinda nice.

I think now it’s the Westinghouse 1080p vs the higher viewing angle of the Samsung Plasma.
edit: Scratch that, same viewing angle.

Westinghouse – smaller, lighter… LCD more robust, more inputs.


Sharp Aquos, dude.

Seriously. Go find a store that has those brands as well as Sharp. The difference in picture quality is surprising.

Check the reviews – they back this up.

Sony Bravia LCD
Philips Cineos Ambilight LCD

Both are expensive, but since your op states expensive as being allright, I’m suggesting those - I personally prefer the Philips. Perfect screen and lots of input (and it has an ethernet port and plays DivX and all the rest from your network)

You will be happy with any of those.

You can get an inexpensive DVI->HDMI adapter or cable, so lack of DVI shouldn’t really be an issue.

While I’m happy with my Sharp LC-37 GA9E, reviews say that the American equivalent (LC-37D40U) doesn’t have a VGA input which XPav wants. Is that different for the 42" model?

The commercial version of the same Panasonic has VGA, if that helps

Ah-HAH I’ve heard that stores are horrible places to look at image quality, as the sets are all mistuned.

You ain’t tricking me, buddy.

I did some reading on the avforums about sets, to try to figure out what I wanted, and one thing people talked about was “clayface” - I had never heard of the term before. It’s when the brightness and contrast are turned so high that you lose all sorts of detail in faces; they are displayed using what looks like a low-poly count, and they look like they’re sculped out of clay. I had never heard of that term, but when I went to Costco to check out sets, one of em definitely had a clayface thing going - at first I thought the movie trailer they were showing was rotoscoped but comparing to the other ones it became clear this set was so out of whack it wasn’t funny.

So if you do go to compare, look out for clayface!

So I think I’m going to wait in line at Best Buy on Thursday.

$999 Westinghouse W4207 (the 720p, not the 1080p) or a $999 Panasonic TH-42PX60U.

For those prices, I’ll take either, but prefer the Westinghouse due to it’s having better inputs.

Best Buy is handing out tickets at 4am, opening at 5am. I figure I’ll line up at 3am or something.

Anyone else waiting in line for Black Friday deals?

I’ve looked through the HDTVs in Best Buy and found them set up so badly as to be ridiculous. And I don’t even know anything about HDTV.

When I’ve looked at HD sets in stores, they looked like they were running SD content every time. I have no idea how anyone can decide what to buy realistically.

The way I see, it makes it easy for stores to steer customers. Plug the HD set your want to sell into HD content, leave the rest on composite.

“See how much better the Coby HD set is?! Buy that one!”

That Panasonic is a much better TV, even if it doesn’t have all the inputs you want.

You can always get switchers from places like monoprice.com if you need additional inputs.

The wife and I have decided to hit Best Buy tomorrow morning (yeah, at 5am) to pick up an LCD. We’ll try for the cheap Westinghouse (32 inch)…for $500, we can’t really beat it.

I just thought you guys might like to know that PC Nation is selling the 42" Westinghouse 1080p for only $1397 with free 3-day FedEx shipping. I ordered mine from here at this price; they were very prompt and shipped it out the same day I ordered it, arriving even earlier than estimated only 3 days later. Absolutely no hassles.

I love my lvm-42w2. I think like half the internet has one now.

Mine’s at home right now, waiting to be unpacked. I am counting down the hours.

I have an lvm-42w2 as well. Worth every penny, and I paid more than $1397 for it.